>> Sunday, September 21, 2008

Greeting my digi-sisters!!!

WOW! What a DIFFERENCE a day away from the computer can TRULY make when one sits for hours unable to focus or to make much sense of anything!!! I suppose that can happen from staring at TOO many pixels for hours, days and weeks on end!!! ROFL! The eyeballs rebelleth!!!

Yes, I'm sure being MAMA BIRD and failing to SWOOP down and recover my fallen hatchling sooner than I was able to did keep me a BIT preoccupied, but I am happy to report that ALL is well! Let's just say, some things my youngest saw whilst in the BIG CITY (just happened to be San Francisco too!) have made him appreciate his family MUCH more than he already had AND, the experience allowed him to check himself. This just HAPPENS to be a young man who puts up a good front while battling within. All-in-all, he is well-grounded in right and wrong and the horrific traumas of the past leave him with some fears that I believe a good many of us face or have faced during our growing up years. I relate very closely as I had some of the VERY same fears when leaving the nest! Again, I see how important having extended family nearby and a part of one's life really is. Not saying that one is not able to succeed without, as I made my way (only took 40+ years!!!), but sure does help simplify things a bit a well as giving a little extra cush during a rough patch, eh? LOL!

We are ALL so different in character, personality, etc. and it is not always easy to figure how a person will react in any given situation. I know even for myself at this stage of life, I can calculate what my reactions to something might be, but until I am actually IN the moment, I do not know FOR SURE!

Anyhoo, my darling son has gained some new-found maturity and I believe this little experience will help in in a BIG way to take the necessary steps to ensuring himself that something like this shall not happen again, God willing! Let's just say that we all raise our children to not go off with a stranger and and while this person was in his age group, John knew nothing about him really and he learned a bit more than he bargained for in the course of those two days. One of my older sons was able to contact John via his companion's cell phone (thank God for caller id!) to find that he was okay and would be on his way home later that day. John called later in the evening to ask directions as they were on Interstate 5 and needed some guidance in taking the proper exits back to li'l 'ol Copper! For some reason I am thinking of the story of the Country Mouse and the City Mouse! He, he ...

Okay, enough of that and I'm hoping I made sense as y'all know it's my RUM-DUMMY hour over here and I'm fading fast! I had an enjoyable weekend spending time with Robert and I actually stayed awake into the wee hours of this morning watching movies on Lifetime! I tell you, some weekends they have such an incredible selection and MOST are based on TRUE events which are my FAVES!!! Anyhoo, when I am not feeling up to snuff and am unable to focus on a project, watching a bit of television relaxes me and helps to recharge my built-in batteries! Don't ask what size - he, he!!!

Oh my, speaking of television, has anyone been watching the new show called THE LOCATOR with Troy Dunn??? I will simply tell you this - Robert and I both grew up without one of our biological parents. Many of you know that I was just reunited with my mother a decade ago and Robert met his biological father's family 15 years ago. Robert's father passed away whilst Robert was en utero. So, you can ONLY imagine what it looked and sounded like at our home as we watched families being reunited with a LOST loved one!!! What a couple of saps we are!!! OMGosh ... have tears will roll!!! Very touching and having found the birth mother of a young lady here in my community ten years ago and then finding my mother's baby sister after my baby sister had found me after my mom not seeing either of us for over 40 years, it is such joy to see Troy Dunn is doing what I would SO loved to have started those ten years ago!!! YOU GO TROY!

I shall catch up with comments and and some e-mails this coming week. I honestly have not opened my e-mail program all weekend! EEEEEKS! :)

SANDY love - if you are seeing this, please e-mail me if you are still needing to remove the border from your blog. I'm figuring you've figured it out by now, but just in case you haven't - lindawalton at caltel dot com!

SHARON - I hope this finds you feeling none or VERY little discomfort in that knee and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know the stats on your NEW grandbaby!!! WOO HOO .... very close to Jace and Matt's birthdays!!! Tomorrow is my nephew, Vincent's birthday! I believe he is turning 7!!! What a BUSY, BUSY month we have had and I cannot wait until the beginning of October as we will be meeting our little grandson, Riley, for the FIRST time!!!

Hope ALL is well with EVERYONE! Have a GRAND week and I guess you can see I still have not been able to post a slideshow. I am thinking that rather than me starting a new slideshow for each new blog series, that perhaps I should just have one slideshow for ALL layouts that y'all create and wish to share with me and ALL of SCRAPLAND. Whatcha think??? Should I post a poll?

Tonight's FREEBIE is *It's Falling, #13* which includes a hanging leaf clustered wooden frame and a few more ribbons. I left the frame fairly simple so that y'all can add your own touches; i.e., flowers, tags, bows, etc. Let me know if you would like for me to post just the hanging frame without the leaves and I will add it in with the next download, okay?

SWEET DREAMS darlins' .... hope to see you tomorrow!

Baci e abbracci,
Linda :)


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