>> Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Okay, it's LATE, I'm bushed and have I got a lot to chat about!!! I know, I know, what else is new? ROTFLMBO!!!

Since I wish to give the topic of "missing" loved ones all of my focus when sharing with you, I shall begin to share a few things with you throughout the week as I am afforded the time. Finding LOST or MISSING loved ones is VERY near and dear to my heart and Troy Dunn has rekindled the smoldering flame of passion I've LONG had for this subject matter that is HEAVILY intertwined with our DIE-HARD digital addiction of PRESERVING our MOST precious and PRICELESS memories!!! PHEW - that was a LONG-WINDED sentence! Sorry - I am JAZZED and pressed for time all at once!!! Can you say ADRENALINE??? ROFL!

I cannot even begin to tell you how shocked I was to find a personal comment left on my last blog post from Mr. Dunn himself! WOW! That speaks VOLUMES to me and only intensifies the already INCREDIBLE admiration that both Robert and I have for Troy and his passionate life of RE-UNITING love ones. I called Robert at work and read the post. My BIG, STRONG loving man, had tears in his eyes as I read on! Robert was SO touched that he asked me to e-mail him the link because he wanted to print it out!!! My DARLING Robert, gotta LOVE this man - he is PURE GOLD in my eyes and I am SO blessed to have him to spend the rest of my life with!

Another TOOT for technology and the Internet as Troy was alerted by Google via a PING letting him know of my post speaking about his NEW show! How AWESOME is that!!!

Anyhoo, for those of you NOT familiar with Troy's BRAND NEW television program, "The Locator" on WE tv (I just found out today that this stands for Women's Entertainment! Goes to show you how much television I watch, eh? LOL! Not a whole lot, but I will be watching THIS show!) I am going to be posting some information over the course of my next few posts and if ANY of you have a loved one that you've been missing or YOU know of ANY one looking for a lost or missing person near and dear to their hearts, PLEASE stay-tuned!

Troy Dunn began his journey of seeking those missing 20 years ago when his own Mother, Katie, had been searching on and off for 20 years for her biological parents and with the aid of another, Troy located Katie's mother in five months. Katie works along side of her son and is as she calls it, a "research specialist"!!! I LOVE IT!!!

Anyone who knows me WELL, knows that I LOVE to research and I've often been known to say that I should have been a detective!!!
I also have a lot of determination and am one of those who will many times leave the store with an item that APPEARS to no longer be in stock, as I will search in places that I guess are not obvious to some. Now, this MIGHT be because of my several years of retail work after high school, but I'd like to think that I REALLY am a determined person!!! LOL!!! HA, HA, HA .... and here I am "determined" to make you believe that I am indeed!!! YEP, it's past RUM-DUMMY hour and I am in dire need of a good night's sleep after such a creative and awe-inspiring day!!!

Gotta fly (yup, I got me wings on tonight!!!) just as soon as I post your FREEBIE! I may have a bit of a SNEAK-PEEK for you tomorrow night on my latest project which is part of the OCTOBER Treasure Chest over at Treasures To Scrap. I have SO enjoyed working with this color palette and REALLY enjoy the challenge of designing with colors that I would NEVER think to put together!!! REMEMBER: Beauty is in the eye of the BEHOLDER and LIFE is always a bit RICHER when we travel outside of our comfort zone and experience something WE would not necessarily choose to partake in or of!!!

I have included in *It's Falling, #14* the WOOD FRAME without any embellishments for those who wish to add their own or NONE at all!!! The GREEN fringed paper border is a FABULOUS element to use for "grass" at the bottom of a layout if you wish to layer the leaves or place one of the TREES along with it for a nice outdoorsy effect!!!

Love to all .... see you tomorrow .... take care of your SWEET selves and thank you for being patient with me as I continue to play "catch-up" with e-mails, comments, etc.!!! Y'all are THE BESTEST!!!


Linda :)


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