>> Wednesday, September 10, 2008

LOL! Thought I was gonna say "The Yellow Brick Road" didn't ya??? ROFL! Well, I guess you can tell that yours truly is feeling a WHOLE lot better tonight than she has the past two to three, eh? Uh, huh!!!

I have now added a few of Blogger's latest gizmos and if you look at the upper portion of my sidebar, you will see a new place where you can click to FOLLOW ME ... if you dare!!! He, he .... Really though, for those fairly new to the world of blogging and digital scrapping, I have just added a few more choices to make it easy for you to keep up with my posts and, naturally, my FREEBIES!!! You can also follow me on TWITTER! Twitter is FUN for quick one or two sentence posts letting others know what you are up to. I also like using to correspond with others in a brief and to-the-point manner!!! Ya'll know me, I can RAMBLE a GOOD one, so Twitter is a REFRESING change for me throughout the day. EEEEKS! That reminds me, I've not TWITTERED since ... oh goodness ... it's been over 12 hours ago I believe. :)

I used to prefer e-mail for keeping up with my faveortie blogs, however, you can now see that I've also added my own PERSONAL blog roll (also courtesy of Blogger, thank you very much!) as I find it easier for me to track MY faves, which you can check out from my blog as well!

Let me know what y'all think and what y'all prefer in following and/or keeping up with YOUR faves! :)

My day was full of visits today so I have not accomplished much digitally, other than copying files from both of Mark's cameras when he brought my PRECIOUS Kaleb to visit Grandma this afternoon. Aside from laughter, I don't think there is better medicine available to help one rise above a bit of bodily discomfort!!! My baby boy is growing SO quickly! He is five months old as of the 7th and this Saturday Robert and I shall be attending the FIRST birthday party of our grandson, Lohgan, who lives two hours from us. I'm SO excited!!!

My computer is SO full (plus two EHD's) that I actually copied photo files onto Robert's laptop as it has LOTS of room!!! Shhhhh .... don't tell!!! He, he ... Just kidding! He won't mind as he knows I prefer the burning software installed on his laptop as mine has been a bit sketchy lately! I will burn the files onto DVD and then delete them. Easy, peasy as my good friend Karen would say!!! If you are peeking in girlfriend, glad to hear you are healing up nicely and I shall be catching up with you soon. I will try to catch y'all up with photos ASAP. I owe you Yosemite and I just snagged a few of Joan's wedding photos taken by the photographer (a GOOD family friend) that I wish to share. I SOMEHOW missed the fact that my daughter was captured on film with Kate Bosworth!!! OMGosh, how funny and sweet it was when I read her caption that said, "OMGosh, Kate Bosworth was at my wedding", or something like that! And then, I shall also have to post a few photos of Kaleb love!!!

Carole, dearest, I had one distraction after the other (all GOOD ones I'm happy to say!) and I try to call you tomorrow sweetheart. Carole has been given a good report by her doctor after her recent back surgery - WOO HOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Time to CELEBRATE!!! Gently, of course!!! LOL!

Dawn, my BFF, I am missing you!!! Please call me when you are able. Y'all just HAVE to check out Dawn's (Snowsmoon's Design) newest blog freebie - it ROCKS and is VERY "enchanting"!!! Click HERE to see and/or download. Please tell her that her BFF sent you! *wink*

I'm tuckered so I shall say "good night" y'all, sleep well and I shall catch up with you tomorrow, God willing!


P.S. Thank you from the depths of my being to each of you who have shared your "thyroid" issues with me and your well-wishes. You ALL make me SMILE and you WARM my heart SO sweetly. You are THE BESTEST! XOXO


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