>> Friday, September 12, 2008

Hi y'all!!! Hope to find everyone ready for a weekend of HAPPY scrappin'!!!

Robert and I will be leaving, after he returns from an important meeting at work, for our grandson, Lohgan's FIRST birthday party tomorrow. Party starts at NOON in the park! Robert will be home around elevenish in the morning, we stop to pick Wyatt and Garret up and then we'll be on the road for two hours and should arrive between 1:00 and 1:30!!! I just don't wish to miss THIS first birthday party AND I am prepared to capture some PRICELESS memories, naturally!!!

I am leaving the GOODIES and turning in tonight as I am still not up to snuff and I don't wish to overdo and especially need a GOOD night's sleep for a LONG day tomorrow! I have to share with you something special that happened today. Robert and I both have been experiencing a lot of changes in our physical abilities. Robert works out everyday so it's DEFINITELY not from lack of exercise on his part - let's just say, we are really beginning to feel the effects of "getting older"!!! Anybody KNOW what I'm talking about??? Uh, huh .... oh YEAH!

Robert left for work with me still in bed as I had awakened still experiencing some pretty intense discomfort in my upper back, so I went back (no pun intended!) to sleep and awoke to the phone ringing. When I picked the phone up off of the cradle and hit the talk button, I was greeted with a familiar tune playing. About a minute and a half or so later, I hear this SWEET voice explaining to me that he is getting older! HA, HA ... that is what the song was about by the way - getting older and things changing and such. He was having an "emotional" moment he told me and he just wanted to share it. HOW sweet is that??? I LOVE this man with ALL of my heart! I SO appreciate and am SO thankful for the WONDERFUL ability we have to communicate effectively MOST of the time!!! He, he ...

Okay, enough of my rambling .... on to the GOODIES - *It's Falling, #9*!!!

ANNA J - hope you see this darlin', I have not had anyone else express difficulty in downloading so I am guessing the trouble may be on 4-shared's end or it could simply be many downloading at the same time making it kind of like a traffic jam, KWIM? I have this happen to me when downloading from other sites and I just give it a bit and then go back again and it downloads just fine. PLEASE let me know if you continue to have trouble ... lindawalton at caltel dot com.

SWEET DREAMS everyone!!! Sending LOVE atcha ....

Linda :)


(thank you for leaving me some love!)

The time is 12:40 am PST - link has been tested and is in
proper working order! HAVE a FAB weekend y'all!!!

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