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Uh, HUH!!! Today brings about another FRIDAY FREEBIE and "WOOD" you believe I have another alpha for you? YES, YES, YES and it, of course, it matches the wooden frames you've been collecting already. I played with BLENDING MODES in PS and applied a "burnt" edging around the inner and outer edges giving a bit more of a RUSTIC, OUTDOORSY feel! Hope you like it!!! I shall also have the matching numerals for you this weekend and "WOOD" y'all like a set of Upper-Case letters too??? Raise those LOVELY hands and wave them WILDLY so I don't miss anyone!!! ROFL!

Then ... I was "MESHING" around with a WONKY MESH TEMPLATE created by Karen Wallace, applied a STRING STYLE, applied a COLOR OVERLAY and TWEAKED the BLENDING MODES until I came up with something that looks like the REAL DEAL or so I am hoping!!! Let me know what y'all think of *It's Falling, #15*! As ALWAYS, I dearly appreciate your comments and feedback as it HELPS to keep me INSPIRED to keep on creating for you and also to LEARN where I need to HONE my skills!!! See ... it's a GIVE and TAKE!!! Thank you!!!

I had some MOST incredible mails to read this afternoon and I thank ALL of you who have written and/or left messages on 4-shared and HERE on my blog!!! I am touched VERY deeply when y'all share with me and please, be patient with me as I shall reply to EACH e-mail and address those sharing via comments as well as any questions. I shall have to do a little bit at a time and I just have SO much to share with you tonight and I don't wish to give y'all a headache from TOO much reading!!! LOL! Perhaps I should break my posts up into chapters like a book, eh??? ROTFLMBO!!! I actually have not looked at or even opened my inbox in several days as I really needed to focus on my designing - HEY, HEY, I got 'er done!!! *HUGE SMILE*

Speaking of chapters in a book, I have had such a WONDERFUL response to me sharing my story of reunification with my birth mother that I've decided with all of the other projects I have going and news to share that I shall bring you my story in installments. Sound good to you??? You know, I can start by setting the stage, if you will, for "why" I was separated, "what" transpired during the YEARS of separation and then, of course, WHEN, WHERE and HOW we were reunited!!!

I am in the midst of a couple of designing projects that will keep me VERY busy until about mid-week, which puts October 1st as the middle of the week and a Wednesday. Oh my, I'm getting chills as I think about all of this - why October is the month I was located back in 1997 AND it is also my mother's birthday. I will give you a little TIDBIT I found VERY interesting when speaking with Mama for the VERY first time, she shares the SAME date of birth as my baby brother, Tom, who I was raised with!!! LOL! My daughter, Joan, thinks I'm weird because I have this "thing" with finding similarity in certain names and numbers with other people I know!!! I'll explain that in more depth later on too!

Anyhoo, I shall start a NEW blog adventure on Wednesday, October 1st!!! ARE YOU READY??? Have you been FALLING with me long enough all ready??? He, he ... I will have created THREE different "FALLISH" kits by the time all is said and done. Not complaining one bit, I've ENJOYED every moment of it and it is my FAVORITE time of the year, right along with winter and spring!!! HA, HA, HA, HAAAAAAAAAA - being a bit "fickle" now aren't I??? Well, if the TRUTH be told, I LOVE the seasons that bring COOL/COLDER weather!!! Yeah, I can add this to the list of my, "you might be getting older if's"!!! You might be getting older IF ... you NO longer look forward to HOT, BLISTERING summer days! I think this is actually referred to as experiencing a change of climate within one's body!!! *BIG GRIN*

Have y'all been to GINGER SCRAPS brand new site??? Do I see a MULTITUDE of hands waving at me out there??? I bet so! Y'all know Ms. Ginger as she has been SO gracious as to be a WONDERFUL source of FREEBIE listings for ALL of us in SCRAPLAND and now she is a BONAFIDE designer with her own BONAFIDE store!!!

HURRY on over this weekend for some SPECTACULAR goodies, challenges and Ginger and the girls are even giving out $5.00 store certificates plus TWO free kits for a limited time!!! WOW, did I just say FREE??? Uh, huh, I did!!! Okay, what are we waiting for, CLICK HERE TO HOP on over and sign up in the FORUM, introduce yourselves and PARTY ON with GINGER SCRAPS!!! OH, by the way, how can I forget to share something SO important with y'all - I have WON twice this week!!! ME! Li'l 'ol ME! This is HIGHLY unusual for this girl and TWICE in the same week!!! WHOA! Pinch me please!!! I won an RAK from the FABULOUS and INFAMOUS *Kim B*'s store and then AFTER MIDNIGHT this morning as I was finishing up my blog post and waiting for Ginger's site to go live, I hopped on over, introduced myself and before I left the site I already had a Private Message from Ms. Ginger personally letting me know that I was the VERY first winner at her FABULOUS grand opening!!! Can we say I was just a little surprised!!! YUP! I SURELY was and still am!!!

Thank you KIM! Thank you GINGER!!! You ladies ROCK ... and then SOME! He, he ... and SO do y'all!!! I will have to share my purchases when I have time to browse their stores and pick something out!!!

Now, after you visit Ginger or before (depends on which direction you are coming from!!!), CRUISE on over to my BFF's blog, SNOWSMOONS DESIGN and pick up the FOURTH installment in her GORGEOUS, *ENCHANTED GARDEN* series!!! CLICK HERE TO CRUISE!!! Dawn has outdone herself with this LUSH creation!!! I will have you know that the FENCE/GATE in the SECOND installment (I hope I got that right!) was created by her personally and I ADORE it!!! It is TRULY unique in that it is like NO other that I've seen! Make sure to leave Dawn some LOVIN' and let her know that her BFF sent you over, K? TY! MWAH!

I have a few other announcements and/or goodies to share and I shall leave those for another post!

REMEMBER: If you wish a matching *Burnt Wood Alpha* in Upper-Case, wave those hands WILDLY for me to see!!! OHHHHHH, speaking of WILDLY, have y'all been collecting Ms. Vicki's new kit this week, *WILD CHILD*??? I have! CLICK HERE TO FLY on over to see and download the PAPERS, ELEMENTS ONE and TWO and the REALLY cool MESH ALPHA!!! As always, make sure to leave her some LOVIN'!!! You will LOVE the color palette!

Well, have I RAMBLED y'all a GOOD one tonight, or WHAT??? SO much to say and SO little time - have a FABULOUS weekend dah-lings and ENJOY your FANTABULOUS FRIDAY FREEBIE and ALL of the other GOODIES to be found in SCRAPLAND!!!

Linda :)


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