>> Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Well, are y'all still with me??? It's AWFULLY quiet around here! ROFL! Perhaps that is because I've been missing, eh? ROTFLMBO!!! The TECHNICAL issues continue on and SO do I!!! With ALL of the HITCHES and the GLITCHES the past week or so I've learned to make SWITCHES and to carry on and smile REALLY big in the face of adversity!!! I don't think I've EVER experienced this many setbacks one right after the other! I have an idea as to the "why" and I suppose I shall have to stop being SO stubborn and listen up!

I am making some transitions to remove myself from deadlines as they have become a GREAT deal of stress for me the past year and part of the reason I've waited this long is that I am TOO stubborn to know when to make necessary changes to alleviate said stress! The 'ol body spoke LOUD and CLEAR and I finally listened!!!

I have just closed my store at 3Scrapateers and that was not an easy move for me as I've been there FOREVER!!! Well, since January of 2005 anyhoo! I know MANY of my digi-sisters from 3S will continue to visit me here on my blog so I won't be QUITE so homesick! I will, of course, CRUISE the gallery whenever I get some spare time. That is how I started WAY back in the day and I LOVED it! Funny how our lives change sometimes in the TWINKLING of an eye and before we know it, we've nearly forgotten the beginning of our journey in a new endeavor. I have MANY people to thank from the past three plus years since joining the ranks of the DIGITALLY ADDICTED!

Y'all really would NOT believe the series of events that have taken place as well as the ones that HAVE NOT taken place the past several days (actually weeks)! I finally have my virus program working properly after I mentioned to support that I might need to uninstall and re-install and the reply was how to go about doing so!!! Uhm, yeah, I already knew how to do that thank you! So, I am once again protected, still backing up to Mozy Online (this may take the entire month for 250 BG's worth of files!) and ran into a snagfoo today while burning DVD's to free up space on my number two EHD! Yes, I know ... I am WAY behind but I download entirely TOO much stuff and need to curb my spending! Well, at least until I start selling some kits to warrant said spending! LOL! Anyhoo, my Nero software was being a PITA and I was only able to burn one DVD and after having all the files I wished on the second DVD, it hung ... and hung ... and hung and would NOT shut down. I think I rebooted three times today. Correction. I rebooted once and completely shut 'er down twice and then cold booted. PHEW! I'm plum-tuckered out from spinning my proverbial wheels and getting not much of anywhere!!!


Oh, and the other HITCH was that I nearly lost ALL of our first card full of photos taken at Yosemite last night when attempting to download them to my computer. Now what I am about to tell you is TOTALLY weird to me.

I downloaded the second card first as it only had 46 photos on it. It removed the images via the computer as usual and appeared as a blank card once put back into the camera. However, the first card began to download and stopped at image number seven. I stopped the process and started over again. I received a flashing message that the card had not been initialized!!! WHAT??? EEEEKS! Never have I seen THAT message before. I could not find my images and when I referred to the camera's manual, it appeared that I might have a now defunct card on my hands and NO Yosemite photos :(

I went into the living room to tell Robert that I was NOT going to allow myself to stress over this (couldn't afford to!). He followed me back into the room, saw the message I was getting on the camera and asked if I had tried downloading on his laptop. I gently explained that it was not the computer, but the camera and/or card. He persisted and finally asked if I had tried using the card reader on his laptop? NO! I forgot that it had one! Ready for this??? I put the card in the laptop reader and LO and BEHOLD, there were our Yosemite photos - PHEW!!! DOUBLE PHEW!!! LOL! Boy, were we both ever relieved!

Now, would somebody explain to me please why his laptop reader picked up the images but the camera itself could not? I am not able to wrap my head around that at the moment and would LOVE to be enlightened!!!

SO ... I won't be able to share any photos with you until tomorrow as I will have to burn the photos from the laptop onto DVD so I can load them up on my computer!

What did y'all do over the Labor Day weekend??? Camping? Boating? Picnic? Travel?? I would LOVE to hear about your adventures!!!

Please bear with me as I have decided to update and continue giving you little mini's from *It's Falling* throughout the next few weeks while I try to get myself situated. I wish to put some new twists to the kit and I hope that y'all will like it!!!

Tonight's FREEBIE is *It's Falling, #2* - ENJOY and have a WONDERFUL Wednesday!!!

Linda :)


The time is 12:30 am PST - link has been tested and is in
proper working order! I shall be adding a NEW slideshow
for *It's Falling* and would LOVE to see y'all add some of
your INCREDIBLE masterpieces to it for us all to view!
THANK YOU for all of your LOVELY comments and
LOVIN" - it REALLY means a lot! MWAH! BIG HUGS!

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