>> Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hi everyone! I've braved my way through TODAY'S storm to bring you *It's Falling, #3*!!! At this time, I am REALLY listening as I continue to dry myself off from the pouring rain!!! HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!

Today, I thought I'd nearly lost my computer!!! I did a bit of blog hopping and CU shopping and chatted a bit with a VERY dear designer colleague and my "digitally" adopted daughter, Sarah Laming aka Designs by Sassy! One of the items I bought was Sassy's BRAND new grab bag which she was showing to me via previews whilst preparing to upload it to her store at Digital Candy! If ANY of you are interested in a REALLY good deal, this would be it!!! For ONLY $4.00, this bag is FILLED to the brim with designer as well as scrapper's delights!!! Click HERE to see everything revealed on Sassy's blog. OUTSTANDING array of goodies, I promise you!

Now, if you've just fallen heads over heels for Sassy's $4.00 grab bag, you have just GOT to check out the 50% off sale at Designs by Sassy, Sarah's personal store which is closing due to Sarah having three young boys, one being a new baby, working part-time and working towards becoming certified in web design!!! OH, and don't let me forget her passion to design and the fact that she sells in several other stores too!!! Anyhoo, I went a little crazy and spent MUCH more than I had planned, but I COULD NOT resist the deals on FABULOUS commercial-use goodies!!! Sass knows how to create some AWESOME overlays and I could not pass those up.

Sassy and Ben are going away for the weekend (without the kiddos!) and I talked her in to leaving her store open throughout the weekend rather than closing it for good tomorrow as she had originally planned. Shhhhh ..... I thought it would be REALLY cool if whilst she is away y'all could visit Designs by Sassy, shop around and see if there is anything that strikes your fancy as it did mine!!! I bought GREAT textures. I think there are like 24 textured overlays in the combination pack and they were only $7.50, which is 75% off their retail price. I'm pretty sure I own all of her FLORAL OVERLAYS and her GRUNGE OVERLAYS plus a few others!!! They REALLY rock! Okay, enough of my rambling on so, check it out for yourself and let me know what you think, K? Click HERE to visit Designs by Sassy!

GOSH, I got SO excited telling you about Sarah's WONDERFUL sale and NEW grab bag that I completely neglected to tell you how I thought I almost lost my computer today! After purchasing from Sarah's store I waited to received my download confirmation and continued to download Sassy's grab bag goodies when everything FROZE! Long story short, this happend every time I rebooted my system. I noticed the first window that would open was a program I downloaded yesterday that was going into my sys tray even after I asked it not to during installation. Well, it took me several cold boots and hours away while letting my system set for a while hoping for all of the woes to just GO AWAY, to jump into the control panel to remove this seemingly intrusive software that I probably will never use anyway! I uninstalled a few other programs that aren't being used while in the CP and then I rebooted for about the fifth time!!!

TA-DA!!! I made it back, went to work on my freebie for tonight and the rest is HISTORY!!!

Has everyone's children started back to school yet??? Are you preparing to gear yourselves up for the upcoming holidays? Something tells me from here on out, it's gonna get REALLY busy in SCRAPLAND, ya think?

Chris - it was SO nice to see your note earlier today! I had to chuckle, even though your injured arm is nothing to laugh about, but the fact that you COULD NOT miss a HUGE scrapbooking event and postponed a trip to the doctor tells me girlfriend that you are a DIE-HARD and MEGA digitally addicted scrapper!!! Please let us know what the doctor tells you about that arm, K?

Donni - no worries darlin', I am working on it and hoping for NO more technical issues!!!

Tirza - GOOD advice about using the card reader first. I may have to start doing it that way as well as an extra measure of protection against any future camera issues!

Sharon - I am SO glad that you had a NICE visit with your dad. I hope you are getting plenty of rest and that your knee is not bothering you anymore.

Barb - that would have been my next step had Robert's laptop reader not found our images! I've always wondered how the recovery programs have worked for those who have used them.

Sheila - I TOTALLY agree!!! Thank you! I am not "mad" after all!!! Well, okay, perhaps I was just a WEE bit in the midst of my troubles!!!

Elizabeth - Great advice and I GREATLY appreciate that you'll be checking in on me!!! I shall reformat that card and play around taking shots here at home to see if it works properly before trusting it to our next family event, which just happens to be one of our grandson's FIRST birthday party being held on the 13th!

Sharon (Shutterbug) - YAY!!! I am SO glad to hear that the recovery program worked for you!!! Sorry you had to experience the woes though.

Carolyn - Can I come with y'all on your next adventure??? LOL! I've always wanted to RV across country and visit all the places I've not been to yet, which is MOST of the US!!! I'm glad to hear that someone has needed to break away from deadlines as well. I can be too hard on myself sometimes and will think there is something VERY wrong with me, but I know I'm just burned out to put it mildly! Throw away the alarm clock (Robert wakes me up!) and live "in" the moment!

Beth - Thank you! I don't know how you manage ANY scrap time with three active kiddos!!! Do you stay up after they are all in bed? I know I was a MAJOR night owl when mine were growing up as that was the ONLY time I had to do anything for myself! Please give us a report on what you think of PSE 7 if you have a chance to do so!!! I hear you on the NEW computer. Christmas maybe??? HO, HO, HO, HO .... :)

I shall catch up with 4-shared comments over the weekend! While it is SO much easier for me to read and reply to those posted on my blog, I do understand that it is easier for some to post while downloading and I try my best to keep up, however, my computer woes have put me behind - sorry.

Well, my darlins', I shall say "good night" and here's hoping that EVERYONE has a FABULOUS FRIDAY and I shall be back, God willing, with a FANTABULOUS FRIDAY FREEBIE! HUGGINS', Linda :)

Carole, just in case you peek in, I shall call you in the afternoon at our usual time as long as I don't have any computer issues to deal with!!! Love you!

Dawn, thank you for being there for me earlier this evening! MWAH! You ROCK girlfriend!!! XOXO


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proper working order! ENJOY! XOXO

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