>> Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hi y'all!!! Progress is being made on this side of my screen!!! YES, I'm finally making headway and doing some MUCH needed catching up with my designing! I have spent the past two days pretty much in "lockdown"! And what does that mean exactly??? LOL! Well, NO distractions, NO IM's open, NO e-mail programs open, NO shopping or cruising galleries - just ME, my mouse and I!!! Okay, I cannot neglect to mention Photoshop! When the MOJO kicks in, I've got to go with it before it decides to up and leave me as it had the past week or two. Tis a fact of life, the 'ol brain just has to recharge every now and then and, of course, it is usually when you need it to work the most! ROFL! How many of you KNOW what I'm talking about??? Uh, huh ... I SEE those hands waving! Uh ... yeah .... gosh, I think I see little men in white coats too!!!

Today was my FIRST-YEAR anniversary here on BLOGGER as BON SCRAPATIT DESIGNS! I should be CELEBRATING with y'all, but I'm TOO pooped to party!!! He, he ... actually, I am TOO busy to party at the moment so just as soon as I'm all finished with prior commitments, I shall create something SPECIAL for y'all as my way of saying "THANK YOU" for your continued support of my designs and for giving me CONTINUAL inspiration via your WONDERFUL comments! I was going to celebrate my 300,000th blog hit last month, but decided I'd pool both CELEBRATIONS together and make it REAL fiesta - sound GOOD??? Remember: I am "older" and "slower" so I shall try my VERY best to have some SPECIAL goodies for you in the next couple of weeks! I'm beginning to believe that my "slower" is due to my critical eye for detail! I'm such a stickler about "if it doesn't look right, change it!" and a few other assorted blurbs!!! Will I EVER change that part of me? I doubt it. So, I appreciate you "hanging" in there with me as I strive to be a better designer!!!

I really wished to post about "The Locator" tonight, but my designing duties are taking presendence at the moment so I will chat with y'all about that, perhaps tomorrow. I even watched a segment earlier tonight as my DARLING Robert called in to me - "Babe, Troy's on"!!! ROFL! I kid you not and guess what? I got up and joined him to watch an episode we had been waiting for on Saturday and for some reason or other missed it! Such is the LIFE and that is why I SO appreciate shows of this caliber being repeated during the week!!! Thank you WE and thank you Mr. Dunn!!! Needless to say, Robert and I both had the tears flowing again!

QUESTION. Would y'all like me to share a bit about my personal reunion with my biological mother after being separated for over 40 years??? LOL! That's a tidbit of info right there y'all, you know I'm OVER 40!!! WAY over 40!!! LOL! Okay, RAISE THOSE HANDS HIGH!!! If I see enough hands raised, I shall track down some photos and a couple of layouts I've made since beginning digital scrapbooking and I will share how we were separated, how I had an opportunity to have my mother searched for by a well-known PI and how that door was closed as it was NOT meant-to-be at the time. A decade later, the tables turned and "I" was the one found!!! I not only was reunited with my mother, I also met three brothers and three sisters I had NEVER known!!! You should see the SIZE of the family I inherited on that day, October 8, 1997. This was also my second daughter's 18th birthday!!!

OH MY GOODNESS - I had better get my self to bed so that I can get my six hours of sleep (looks like I'll be sleeping until 9 or 10 am!) and head back into Photoshop in the morning!!! Thanks for hanging out with me tonight and I hope you enjoy tonight's FREEBIE from *It's Falling*! Scrapatit #4 will have you scrapping MANY a "fallish" photo and is well-suited for ANY outdoor photos at the park, hiking, fishing, vacations or a venture out in your own neightborhood to enjoy the BEAUTY of fall foliage!!! The two hanging frames can be used for either extra photos or a mix 'n match of photos and journaling. I've left room for journaling on the "grass" and a title at the top - GREAT opportunity to use the copper alphas you've already downloaded! SURPRISE me y'all!!! I know, I know, NO slideshow to upload to yet. I shall get that into place this weekend. I was ALMOST there but was unable to locate the info on the coding I need to add while searching "Dummie's Guide to Google Blogger"! BE NICE!!! He, he ... Have a TOTALLY terrific Thursday everyone!!! FFF is right around the corner!!! WOO HOO!

Love atcha,
Linda :)

P.S. Post is LATE due to technical issues - looks like I sleep til noon!!! NOT ... I'll be up by 10:00 at the latest! Did I mention that being a "night owl" is in my DNA??? He, he ...

Luke is number five out of my six and the oldest of
twins by nine minutes!!! Luke and John turned 19
this past July - they are my babies. Here is Luke
showing off his FIRST CAR. I was SO prould of him!
He worked VERY hard, saved his money and VOILA!


The time is 6:15 am PST - link has been tested and is in
proper working order! G'day SCRAPLAND!!!

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