>> Saturday, September 27, 2008

Evening everybody!!! Hope y'all have had an enjoyable day today! I shall be short and sweet tonight as I've had a SLOW start to my day due to a non-cooperative computer ... or should I say, due to Yahoo being a Pita at start up!!!

I usually reboot my computer at least once during the day after intensive work in Photoshop. This past week, I think I worked four days straight without rebooting!!! I was shocked as PS takes LOTS of resources and I was working hard!!! Well, anyhoo, I go to reboot this morning and during the process Yahoo hung up and my system would NOT budge and even CTRL-ALT-DELETE did NOT work!!! I shut my system down, waiting several minutes and booted it up again only to encounter the same trouble. Hmmm ... okay, WHAT'S UP??? ROFL! I hoped and prayed that ALL would be well as I had LOTS to tend to! :)

I decided to shut 'er down once more and this time, headed for the living room to relax a bit with Robert. I took a short nap which was just what I needed and this gave the computer some time to relax as well and allow for me to cold boot it. Well, I outsmarted Yahoo this time and closed out all windows before it had the opportunity to "hang" again! I will probably need to uninstall and reinstall again as Yahoo seems to make this necessary every so often!

So, with a LATE start to my designing tasks for the day, I am posting tonight's freebie and then heading to LA-LA-LAND for a FRESH start tomorrow!!!

I switched gears from a design project I was working on to make the Burnt Wood Alpha, Upper-Case letters for y'all tonight for *It's Falling, #16* and I just have to MARVEL at MEGA DOODLE INSPIRED'S "Mega Time Saver Action", which consists of four different actions if memory serves me correctly. The one I use for my alphas is "Trim and Save My PNG" and I am just BLOWN AWAY every time I do so because it only takes me SIX minutes to separate 26 letters, name and save them into individual PNG files for y'all!!! I RAVED about this when I first bought it in Brandy's Grab Bag #4 and hope MOST of you ran over and GRABBED it too! You need not be a designer to benefit from this NIFTY little action as it is SUPER for anyone who has a sheet of alphas or elements that they would prefer to have in separate files, especially if you are using a program that DOES NOT allow you to select an individual letter to copy and paste onto your canvas. I LOVE the way it TRIMS away the excess canvas from each item too!!!

If you are interested, GO ON OVER and visit Brandy's NEW and IMPROVED site where she now has a TEST TEAM trying out her NEWEST innovations and leaving us ALL in SCRAPLAND with some WONDERFUL "freebies" too! WOO HOO!!! Tonight, she has a VERY cool set of AIR FORCE BLOGGER GRAPHICS (tutorial included ... I have SO wanted to learn how to customize my own blog! *overjoyed and ever so thankful to Ms. Brandy*) up for grabs that she created to custom design her DH's own SPECIAL blog while he is over in Iraq!!! How SWEET is that!!! Make sure to leave her some some lovin' and if you wish to check out her DH's blog, she has the link posted for us to take a peek! We can leave him some lovin' too!!!

You will find links to her assortment of stores there too! The girl is HOT I tell ya!!! Oh, YES, and right now she is featuring some CUTE freebies made by her TEAM with her NEW "Puffy Sticker Action" - check it out!!! If you stop by, tell her Linda says "HELLO, THANK YOU and that she ROCKS"!!!

LOL! So much for a "short" post, eh? He, he ...

SWEET DREAMS and I shall be back next post with NUMBERS and EXTRAS to go with the Burnt Wood Alpha! Have FUN creating ...

Linda :)


The time is 2:05 am PST - link has been tested and is in
proper working order! Have a SUPER SUNDAY y'all!!!

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