>> Monday, September 29, 2008

BACK UP your HARD DRIVES, CLEAR your CACHE, your desks and PREPARE TO DOWNLOAD like MAD WOMEN!!! Well, now that's not entirely accurate is it??? If one is MAD, one cannot enjoy a party, right??? SHEESH! What was I thinking!!! Okay ... rephrased ... PREPARE TO DOWNLOAD like a DIGITAL ADDICT looking for her next SCRAPKIT!!!

Tomorrow night at 11:59 pm EST I shall add a LIVE LINK that will take you to BLOG PARTY CENTRAL where you will see previews of ALL of the contributions LOVINGLY created by over 70 designers!!! That's right, OVER 70 designers and I am QUITE honored to be a part of this, my VERY firstever BLOG PARTY!!! WOO HOO!!! I got my dancin' shoes on ladies - grab yours and do a HAPPY DANCE as you watch all of the GORGEOUS GOODIES filling up your HARD DRIVES for HOURS, DAYS, WEEKS and even a YEAR'S worth of SCRAPPING PLEASURE!!!

And where do we live??? SCRAPLAND, SCRAPLAND .... YAY for SCRAPLAND!!! LOL!

I shall spare you the BORING details of my PITA with Yahoo! Now that my goodies are finished for October 1st releases, I hope to spend some time tomorrow correcting my tech issues which will most likely be a quick fix by doing some uninstalling and re-installing!!! SO, NO MORE STALLING ... for tomorrow I shall be posting early (yes, I am feeling JUST fine!!! he, he ...) to give you a sneak-peek of my goodies for the October 1st release of the TREASURE CHEST over at TREASURES TO SCRAP! I hope y'all will like it as much as I have enjoyed the challenge of working with a color palette I would have NEVER thought of on my own! I REALLY like the color combo NOW!!! WOW, this makes THREE fall kits I've worked on this past month!!! That's a RECORD for THIS girl!!! And what is MY FAVORITE SEASON??? Hmmmm .... POP QUIZ!!! ROFL!!!

Okay, I'm off to catch some ZZZZZZ's and I'll catch Y'ALL tomorrow, TWICE even!!! Don't forget to come by and snag the link to Blog Party Central and to DOWNLOAD my portion of FALL SPLENDOR!!! I'll have the link posted on my sidebar attached to the preview you see above and I will also post a preview of my download with a link attached on the sidebar as these downloads will be good throughout the ENTIRE month of October!!! Can we say, WOO HOO!!! Uh, huh ...

OOOPS, almost forgot!!! TONIGHT'S freebie includes the NUMERALS from my BURNT WOOD ALPHA in *It's Falling, #17*!!! Tomorrow or Wednesday, I shall include the EXTRAS!!!

Night all, SWEET dreams and have a BEAUTIFUL day!!!

Linda :)

P.S. Thank you SO, SO, SO very much for ALL of the INCREDIBLY wonderful comments, LOVE and SUPPORT!!! Y'all are THE GREATEST and seeing as how I will be leaving Thursday and away until sometime Sunday, I will try my hardest to reply to as many e-mails and posts as time will allow as I prepare for our trip and meeting of our grandson, Riley!!! MWAH!

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