>> Sunday, September 14, 2008

Yes, DEERE, as in "John Deere"!!! What a DARLING theme for a "country" birthday party in the small community of Newman, California! TOO cute it was and the cake was SOOOOO large that Lohgan had his own special cake to dig into after hearing HAPPY BIRTHDAY sung by ALL! I teased as I remarked to Robert, and later Lohgan's grandma Debbie, that it resembled a forty acre parcel!!! GOSH, it was SO cute! And, YES, there just HAD to be a John Deere tractor sitting atop all of that acreage as well as rows of YUMMY veggies ala ICING!

Robert and I were both AMAZED at the crowd present and the presents crowding one entire picnic table!!! I guess we failed to remember just how LARGE this family is!!! Poppa, Clint (Robert's younger brother), Liko (Robert's older brother) and I ALL agreed that little Lohgan took more home on his FIRST birthday than any of us did in our lifetime of birthdays!!! LOL! My, how times HAVE changed!!!

There were LOTS of baby boys in attendance and ONE little baby girl! It was NICE to see a SPLASH of PINK amongst all of the BLUE! I'm not sure I even got a photo of her now that I'm thinking about it! I am cautious and don't like to intrude and these were people I'd never seen nor met before, but I did take photos all around the perimeter trying to capture everyone there!

I am dealing with a bit of a headache tonight so I am going to post as many photos as I am able before climbing into bed. I was SO happy that I felt SO good all day yesterday but somehow managed to wake up hurting this morning. How does THAT happen??? LOL!

Anyhoo, your FREEBIE for tonight is *It's Falling*, Scrapatit #2 and I have used it to scrap a photo I took of Kaleb on Wednesday while he and his daddy were here visiting Grandma!!! GOSH, we are certainly blessed with some BEAUTIFUL grandsons and we are SOOOO excited because two weeks from now (actually a little less than two) we are going to get to meet Riley for the VERY first time!!! Riley is between Dillon (18 months tomorrow) and Lohgan (one year TODAY!) and is closer to Kaleb in coloring as he is fair-skinned and light-headed (sounds like me right about now , light-headed that is!!!). I'm not sure what color Riley's hair is at the present time - it was a strawberry blonde like Kaleb's but I think Travis mentioned that it had darkened. I cannot wait to take photos of Riley!!! WOO HOO!!!

Have an AWESOME week everyone and I will work on getting the slideshow in place for you to upload your layouts to using *It's Falling*!!! I am looking forward to seeing them!!! Thank you, thank you for ALL of the WONDERFUL comments - y'all know how to make a girl feel GOOD and how to keep her INSPIRED!!!


Linda :)

Lohgan in his daddy's arms and wearing his daddy's cap!

Dillon reaching for a cracker from his great-grandpa, Robert's
dad. They all figured out REAL quick that as long as they had
the goods, Dillon was sure to visit often!!!

Lohgan's cousin and our grandson, Dillon parading in a cowboy
hat he found along the way of his very adventurous day! This
little boy reminds me of the Energizer Bunny!!! Too cute!

Lohgan wearing his birthday hat and being held by his grandma
and grandpa on his mommy's side of the family! SO sweet!

This cake was SO large that I had to stand on the seat of
the picnic bench and hold my camera over it and shoot!!!

Lohgan eating birthday cake - YUM, YUM!

Kaleb Jace at five months!!! SO adorable and growing fast!


The time is 12:45 am PST - link has been tested and is in
proper working order!!! Do you know where YOUR photos
are? ROFL! I'm serious - anybody NOT know where some
of their photos are? I'm declaring a ROUND-UP in my
house! Now that the boys are in their own places, I will be
working on converting a room and wish to have ALL of my
photos in one area! How do y'all manage yours??? :)

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