>> Saturday, September 6, 2008

UPDATE - see note beneath freebie preview! Thank you PENNY and AJILA! It REALLY was RUM-DUMMY hour when I posted last night!!!

He, he ... it's RUM-DUMMY hour and this girl is fading fast!!!

WOO HOO, I think I am back on my feet again computer-wise!!! Although, get ready to "catch" as *It's Falling* still here at Bon Scrapatit Designs!!!

Thank you, THANK YOU for all of your kind comments and I am SO happy that you are liking my fall goodies. I have been feeling MOJOLESS while battling the bugs, but hope to be back on track pretty quick! I HAVE to be - this is the BEST time of the year and this girl doesn't wish to miss a bit of it!!!

Thank you for sharing a little bit about the programs you use to protect yourselves while on the Internet. I think I failed to mention what exactly "I" am using to combat the spyware. It is called AdAware and it is a FREE program, but you have to run it yourself, meaning that you are not able to schedule it to scan at any particular time. You would have to purchase the upgraded version to do so, but I just wanted to rid my computer of what got in while I was unprotected. I need to do a double-check however, as I am not sure that my new virus software, Bit Defender includes that in their basic package. I did notice that their new release for 2009 does watch for spyware, which McAfee did for me the past three years. Nothing like feeling vunerable, eh??? LOL!

AVG is a FABULOUS "free" virus program, which just happens to be recommended by my ISP, however, I, personally, prefer basic plus protection and something that I'm not having to check or implement all the time. It's rather funny how everyone has a different story to tell about which software works best for them. For example, McAfee worked like a charm for me, but then someone has nothing but problems! So, I will say the same I do about "diets", find what works for you and stick with it!!! LOL!

Before I forget, I wish to remind y'all about the 50% off CLOSING sale at Designs by Sassy. I just downloaded 16 files this morning and WOO HOO, I can't wait to get busy creating with Sassy's BEAUTIFUL overlays! Here are a couple of previews and I will link here store directly beneath the last preview!

Tonight, *It's Falling*, #5 includes another tree with MULTI-COLORED glittered leaves and NO jewels! I will be adding on more journaling tags, ribbons and such now that I can play in PS without it taking me hours to complete a simple task! My original kit has a variety of buttons that I've inspected closely and do not like the lighting that is cast on them so I am going to make some new ones. You know, it's PRETTY amazing how you can look back at something you created a year prior and find SO many flaws due to inexperience!!! BOY, have I learned a lot and am still learning ALL of the time.

ENJOY the rest of your weekend and THANK YOU for your support and for being your SWEET selves!!! Y'all ROCK ... and then SOME!!! MWAH!

Love and hugs,
Linda :)

P.S. OMGosh!!! I keep forgetting to explain to y'all why my blog has changed!!! I have been wishing a new template for some time but I've never felt comfortable with changing it until recently after reading and realizing that if I save my current template I have nothing to fear as far as losing everything if I make a boo-boo! Well, the other night after posting I decided to go back into "new template" and preview them again, but in my weariness from battling spyware all day, I mistakenly hit the SAVE TEMPLATE button and I ended up changing the appearance of my entire blog. I thought, hmmm .... since I've already gone this far, I may as well go the rest of the way and change to the template I'd been looking at for some time.

I picked this one because you can post larger previews along with the fact that I think the type is a bit easier for those of us with "older" eyes and not so taxing. I wanted to keep the "black" background as while a "white" background is crisp and clean, I prefer the way colorful images POP off of the darker background!

What do y'all think? :)


Last day to shop will be tomorrow - GRAB yourself some
FABULOUS deals now to add to your STASH!!!



Thank you to those who opened the file right away
to find the TREE with MULTI-COLORED glittered
leaves missing!!! I am SO sorry for the inconvenience
dearest ones! Good thing I got a good night's sleep
and decided to check my blog first thing this morning!
The original file has been updated so please download
it if you are here for the first time! If you have already
downloaded and are back due to the missing tree,
I have added a separate link above! XOXO

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