>> Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Firstly, please know that I am TOTALLY overwhelmed with the outpouring of concern for the little mishap with my 4-shared files being added to and I SOOOOO appreciate hearing from y'all!!!

I am TOTALLY fine now. Forgiven and forgotten as that is my nature. I had JUST found out while preparing to post yesterday evening so it was very fresh!

I shall NEVER stop giving, God willing, lest I am no longer able to plant myself before this screen each day!!!

Thank you to all still posting their masterpieces and greetings to the guestbook! I sure would LOVE to see lots more coming in before Christmas!!! Thank you, thank you!!! You will TOTALLY make my Christmas in SCRAPLAND!!!

I am leaving you with another few tidbits to the original *Holiday Sparkle* and wish to create a few NEW items to go along with the original after this hectic week! All that GLITTERS here tonight is indeed, GLITTER!

I need to finish up my goodies for *Christmas Around The World*, which debuts THIS Friday. I shall post the "clickable" banner on my sidebar sometime tomorrow night so you can come and go easily!!!

I hope to have some EXCITING news for you tomorrow so stay-tuned for that too!!! Wishing you ALL a MOST glorious tomorrow and how are your Christmas preparations coming along? Finished your shopping? Haven't started yet? (we have NOT!) Long list? Short list? Anyone with NO list that I can pass some on to??? ROFL! Just kidding!!! Well, kinda, sorta .... *wink

Until tomorrow ...

Linda :)

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