>> Friday, December 5, 2008

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!!! WOO HOO! Only 20 days left until Christmas! Have you started your shopping yet? Are you finished? Does your family draw names? Do you have a special get-together for decorating your Christmas tree? Are you traveling to a relative or friend's home? Are you having family or friend's stay with you to celebrate this MOST special time of the year?

Share with us a special tradition in your family or even one that you may wish to begin. I thought that perhaps you ALL could help me celebrate this year!!! How you ask? Well, I give LOTS of GOODIES (over a year's worth now, can you believe it?) for you to scrap with, SOOOOOOO, I was thinking that perhaps y'all could either scrap a layout or make a Christmas card and upload it to the guestbook!!! Sound good? It sure does to me and that would just tickle me red and green and help me get off to a FABULOUS new designing year! He, he ...

Let's see how many uploads come through by Christmas eve. I'm going to think of a number over the next couple of days (you can help me decide on one) and when the guestbook reaches THAT amount of uploads, I will announce it and gift y'all with something special! I will even let you give me some ideas as to what you might like to receive! DEAL, or NO deal??? LOL!

Okay, without further ado, here is my THIRD installment of our FABULOUS *Walking in a Scrappy Wonderland* collaboration featuring the ROCKIN' designs of Mel Hains, Vicki Parker, Dawn Mills and myself!!! Make sure to visit the other three LOVELY ladies blogs to collect their portions. I know that Mel and Vicki have already posted as they are now sleeping and I am not sure whether Dawn has hers up yet, but will before the night is over!

You may find the links to their blogs attached to their blinkies located at the upper portion of my sidebar to your left. Let's leave them some WARM FUZZIES to keep their MOJO moving and the GOODIES coming! MWAH!

Have a SUPER weekend everyone and for those who have not read my last blog post, check it out as I have a couple of links posted to some AWESOME daily goodies on other blogs plus a DYNAMITE CU grab bag at Designs By Sassy!!!

Much love and BIG, BIG hugs,
Linda :)

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