>> Saturday, December 20, 2008

Today, my firstborn of six WONDERFUL children celebrated her "31st" birthday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY APRIL DAWN!!! I LOVE you sweetheart!

I sent April an e-card this morning and left a message on her cell phone. She called me back later in the afternoon and I told her that it was 31-years ago today that I held a tiny little miracle in my arms for the very FIRST time!!! Holding April is a "miracle" I still treasure today and shall always and forever along with, of course, her five siblings!

April and her boyfriend, Ethan, were on their way to her sister's house for a birthday dinner and April said they were getting LOTS of snow in Vancouver, Washington! She was cute when she told me that this was her firstever birthday to spend without the sun shining. That prompted me to remind her that the day she was born in Portland, Oregon, the cloudy skies gave way to sunshine and LOTS of blue just for her debut!!!

April and Ethan on Joan's wedding day this past August. LOL! NO, she did
not punch him in the eye!!! Ethan had participated in a martial arts
tournament earlier in the day! Needless to say, he was teased mercilessly
throughout the evening! Such a sweetheart and a VERY good sport!

OMGosh y'all!!! I just have to share a special moment that just transpired between Robert and I as I was just getting ready to upload the files for tonight's goody!

I sort of chuckled to myself as I realized that the two of us were in our bedroom and each on our own computer, Robert on his laptop and me on my PC! I've been preparing my upload and my dear, sweet man is listening to music on his laptop, with speakers hooked up even! We both like all kinds of music, but tend to get a little nostalgic when listening to it together! Robert was raised on OLD country and R & B and I was raised on Lawrence Welk, Tony Bennett, the Rat Pack and my father (he sang a lot and was known as "the singing chef" at the restaurant he owned), although I had a passion for "bubble-gum music" in my teens! And then there was Bobby Vinton and "Blue Velvet", Bobby Vee and "Come Back When You Grow Up" and so on!!! Gosh, don't get me started on this. I used to force myself to stay awake until the wee hours of the morning just to hear "Blue Velvet" at about the same time every morning!!! Yeah, I've grown up a bit! Key words, "a bit"!!! He, he ....

Anyhoo, I'm listening as I'm saving files and getting ready to zip them when I start singing along with Robert to Georges Strait's "What Do You Say To That"! All of a sudden my mind was flooded with the memory of how I used to play the one and only George Strait CD I'd ever owned, after winning it from a local country-western radio station, on my computer. I had been seeing Robert for several months and we had become like a well-worn pair of shoes - the fit was perfect and we were VERY comfortable with each other as though we'd been friends for years! We would sit and talk for hours and hours and related so well together and, yes, we would even finish each other's sentences and eight years later, we still do! Acutally, we just look at each other many times as we already know that we are thinking exactly the same thing!!! This is somewhat of an every day occurrence!

So, with that little bit of information, y'all will understand how the lyrics to this short and VERY simple song really meant a lot then and still mean alot now! Not to mention the fact that Robert dearly loves George Strait's music, mostly because of his son, Josh who used listen to it a lot and when Josh went to Iraq, Robert would listen to it more than ever. SO sweet!

Sheesh, I sure can ramble on, can't I??? The VERY special moment that happened tonight was as the two of us were singing along and tears started welling up in my eyes, I realized that at one time I sat alone in MY room singing along to this song and TONIGHT, the two of us were in OUR room singing this VERY special song together!

Here are the lyrics to "What Do You Say To That" by George Strait:

You're like the warm sunshine
I think of you all the time
I've fallen for you and that's a fact
What do you say to that

You're always in my dreams
I think you know what they mean
My heart knows this is real at last
What do you say to that


Life could never be the same without you
Love was never really love without you
Here beside you is really where it's at
What do you say to that

I promise I'll never leave
I'll always want you with me
Loving you won't ever be old hat
What do you say to that

So y'all, what do YOU say to that? LOL!

I still have lots to share, but we started decorating today and, hopefully will finish up tomorrow! I have to pace myself so it takes DAYS! I did take a few photos a few days ago and today. I found our little Zekey boy curled up sleeping beneath the Christmas tree when Robert first put it up. This is the first real tree we've had in four years as it is Robert's preference and think a little more special for when the little guys come to spend the latter part of Christmas Day and probably into the new year with us. Today, John and Robert strung the lights on the tree and tomorrow I will put the ornaments on and finish the rest of the decorations. And then, naturally, I'll be back here to give out the final set of RED and GREEN acrylic frames!

Below, you will see a few of the photos I took, two of Zeke and one of Robert! OMGosh, OH MY GOSH!!! "Blue Velvet" is playing!!! Okay, okay, I am NOT completely grown up yet!!! ROFL!

Tonight's goody is being added to the *Walking in a Scrappy Wonderland* folder.

Have a SUPER SUNDAY everyone!

Baci e abbracci,
Linda :)

P.S. I have had SO much FUN with Robert tonight that I've been up and down, danced with him a bit and it is now Sunday, so April's birthday was yesterday!

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