>> Saturday, December 13, 2008

*And Winter Came* WITHOUT the LOVELY lighted pine garland swag for the BARE window included in last night's posting! HELP! You EVER fall into bed and already into dreamland when you awake with the feeling that something is not right???

No wonder I had a restless night and I ALWAYS sleep straight through and VERY well to boot I might add, but NOT last night!!! Now I know why and I thank you CAROLYN for your SWEET delivery in bringing my neglect to my attention!

ALL IS WELL and I've added a separate link to the Lighted Garland Swag and will just leave it as a separate download to avoid any confusion.

SO sorry for the inconvenience. In splitting up the files to keep them under 30 MB's each for those on dial-up, wouldn't you know the garland was right between the two groups and missed getting put into either of them! LOL!

Have a GRAND day everyone. I would LOVE to see some layouts in the guestbook with *And Winter Came*, which will help me also in my additions to the upcoming add-on!!!

Linda :)

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