>> Friday, December 12, 2008

ROFL! Well, it seems just about that long to me y'all!!! I am SOOOOOO sorry to keep y'all waiting so (im)patiently for my contribution to this MOST incredible train of goodies that just seems to be NEVER-ending!!! I shall not cry over spilt milk, just know that I got this all together just as quickly as humanly possible on a SLOW machine!!! LOL! He, he .... I am NOT complaining as I have one to use and although I feel I could be a little more productive, at least I am still able to get 'er done!!!

I like giving my kits a name even if part of a collaboration or blog train and I had not settled on anything until right before zipping files. I had left the room to refill my coffee cup and heard a commercial for Enya's new Christmas album which is entitled, "And Winter Came"! I turned to Robert and said I hope I heard that right because it is a FABULOUS name for my kit!!!

Now, you ALL know that I am behind so I am still owing you my final installment of *Dreaming of a Bright Christmas* as part of the *Walking in a Scrappy Wonderland* collaboration with my VERY dear friends, Dawn Mills, Mel Hains and Vicki Parker, with whom I have thoroughly enjoyed working with and hope to do so again VERY soon!!! I will be back tomorrow with my portion and some VERY exciting photos to share!!!

Love to all and to all a GOOD night, day and WEEKEND!!! Thank you for your "gentleness" with me, it is SOOOOO appreciated and I also thank you for keeping those layouts and greetings coming to the guestbook!!! Y'all are SOOOO talented!

Without further ado, *And Winter Came* ...

HUGS, HUGS and MORE hugs,
Linda :)

P.S. After I post my goodies for the final installment of *Walking in a Scrappy Wonderland*, I will set my *Christmas Around The World* goodies up at the top of my sidebar in the same manner as the others - ONE link to the entire folder so that as I add to it you can go in and download what you need and if you are away, you can return and check the folder for anything you may miss while away! I do plan on adding an ADD-ON to *And Winter Came*, so STAY-TUNED! XOXO


Papers 2


Embellishments 2

Lighted Garland Swag
(missing in original files)

*Note: I know not everyone reads TOU's so I am making note here as well
that the window and garland swag were created proportionately and if you
have a program that allows you to do so, such as PS/PSE, you can drag
the garland (while holding down the shift key) onto the window canvas for a
sure fit! I shall make note of these kinds of tips/tricks in my TOU's as
do many other designers. A GOOD reason for us to read them! XOXO

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