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LOL! Okay, last night was a Santa fly-by, which was not entirely accurate as I've done anything but fly through the Internet the past three days. I am afraid things have gone from bad-to-worse, but that shall NOT stop me from being part of the MAGIC here in SCRAPLAND this Christmas season!!! Yes, I am now an official PUTT, PUTT! OMGosh, I have a "putt, putt puter"!!! LOL!

How slow do I go on the Internet? Well, I have a good feeling at the present time, a bit slower than if I were on dial-up! I am not sure what the trouble is, but I'm thinking it might just be my operating system and, perhaps, this good 'ol faithful for the past "almost" four years of a computer, is simply ready to retire!

SHEESH, barely out of toddlerhood and ready to quit already!!! Well, if a dog's age is seven years to our one, then a computer (give or take depending on the system) is more like 20 years to our one! Sort of makes sense if you think about it, doesn't it? A computer takes in more data then we could ever "think" to and has to remember it every day, moment-by-moment and on demand! A computer is REALLY lucky if it's owner is not using it 24/7 like a lot of us I know!!! Push us too hard, we may blow our top. Push a computer too hard and it just might blow a chip! Either way, it's a brain thing and we ALL know what happens when a brain is on overload and it's not a pretty sight! LOL!

Our computer's insides are stuffed to overflowing many times and I am sure that just might cause for a herniated disk drive or two, ya think? Poor 'puter. Never really thought about it like this before. I think I've just gained a whole NEW respect for these mass quantity-producing pieces of metal, plastic and circuitry that afford us travel all around the world and back, "virtually" for free, to talk to friends and family, make business deals, to shop until we drop, hang on to all of our "stuff" until we see fit to get rid of it, not to mention allowing us to design and scrap until our faces hit the keyboard!!! PHEW! I'm exhausted just "thinking" about what my computer has to "think" about everyday. ROFL!

Our computers, our buddies, our companions during work and play, get used and used hard I'd say! So after all of these "out-of-the-blue" thoughts, I really have to say that I've been fortunate to have had NO troubles with my computer through over 3-1/2 years of CONSTANT scrapbooking and designing involvement at just about every level. My little workhorse deserves a proper farewell when it's time for me to turn it off for the VERY last time, pack it up and prepare it for the computer graveyard!

Before I neglect to, THANK YOU to ALL who have left LOVIN' and some VERY sweet and ENCOURAGING comments!!! Y'all don't know just HOW much they mean to me, especially when things are not working out as I hope they will!!! Such as ... I was to have a goody for you tonight, only I've spent the entire day, once again, running scans and making sure things are as they should be. I've not mentioned it as I did not wish to "jinx" myself, but my virus scanner has not found any viruses trying to invade now for a good week. I am still finding spyware and have all of that removed but one and I will run another scan tomorrow morning to eliminate it!!!

OMGosh!!! Here I am an hour later! Blogger threw me an error message, then booted me and my computer hung forever and I never did get reconnected to Blogger!!! Hmmm ... perhaps there is a message here! GO TO BED LINDA! Start anew in the morning! So be it! However, I do wish to share one MOST incredible deal here in SCRAPLAND that is a MUST-HAVE for designers or those of you who enjoy making your own goodies to scrap with on occasion or even ALL the time!!!

My dear, sweet virtual daugther, Sarah Laming aka Designs by Sassy has just put a BRAND NEW GRAB BAG (now Papa's not the ONLY one to have a brand new bag, eh?) in her store for the month of December! Ms. Claus, I mean Sassy, has filled this bag to the brim and beyond with DELICIOUS goodies that will keep us busy for quite a long time! 15 different files!!! Not four, not five, not even 10 but 15 separate files of designing delights!!!

Sarah showed me the previews while she was still working on them and I was the FIRST in line to GRAB this bag!!! Wanna see what's inside??? Shhhhhh .... he, he .... NO, you can holler as Sass has given me permission to show you. Feast your eyes below:

Click any of the images to be taken directly to the grab bag at Designs by Sassy!

Now, how much do you "think" (we've been doing a lot of that tonight already haven't we? *snicker*) Santa Sarah is asking for this BUNDLE of GOODIES for ALL of us SCRAPLAND? Would you "believe" ONLY $5 (retails for $41)??? Now you KNOW why I was first in line to grab this bag!!!

I know this took Sarah A LOT of time. Just look at ALL of these INCREDIBLE extractions!!! AMAZING to me! I might just have to ask Sass if she'd be willing to share her secrets to such FINE extractions, eh? What do y'all think? Would you like some tips? I know I would!

I know this is already a VERY long blog post, but I wish to post a couple more links for y'all to check out if you've not already been. These are places that are giving out Christmas goodies everyday until Christmas.

Digi Scrap Depot - collect an ornament a day! There are over 30 total coming our way!

Christie Lemmon Designs - this girl has INCREDIBLE talent, is a REAL sweetheart and she is also dealing with a SLOW computer and a 16-month-old baby girl, SO I really leave her BIG love because I don't have a baby and I know how frustrating it is for me with just the SLOW computer!!! He, he ... You will find Day 3-4 together and if you scroll down, you will find days one and two are still active! SO pretty!

I hope y'all are getting some scrapping accomplished in between all of the blog trains and other freebies in SCRAPLAND! I bet I could make a full-time job out of collecting goodies alone!!! Talk about a GENEROUS community!!! WOW - hard to wrap my head around that at times!

Well, this girl is about to find her face on the keyboard so I best say "good night", "good morning" and y'all have a FANTABULOUS weekend and don't forget to tomorrow is our THIRD installment of *Walking in a Scrappy Wonderland*!!! Can you believe it? Three weeks already! I'll let you know ahead of time that my part will most likely not be up until evening time PST due to my retiring computer!!! *chuckle*

Love atcha,
Linda :)

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