>> Friday, December 26, 2008

Good morning y'all!

Stopping in to see how everyone is doing AFTER Christmas or is it STILL Christmas at your house? LOL! You know, still visiting, family still at your house, a second or third Christmas or waiting for everyone to be together before celebrating?

I surely thought I'd be back yesterday with some photos or a goody, however, I did not make it to my computer once after starting my Christmas day with a MOST wonderful voice chat with my BFF, Dawn Mills, Vicki Parker (England) and Mel Hains (South Africa)! I am still SO totally in awe at the fact that we have the ability to connect with people ALL over the world via our computers and for FREE! What a FABULOUS Christmas present this was for me!!!

Towards the end of our conversation two of my sons arrived, came in to greet me and were greeted by each of the LOVELY ladies with whom I was chatting! The expression on Luke's face was priceless and even HE was amazed how we were able to connect!!!

Anyhoo, we laughed, we giggled and we shared quite a bit on the subject of photography! There is always SO much to learn from others, isn't there? Mel has shared some BEAUTIFUL photos on her blog in the past of a wedding she shot - GORGEOUS! She really has a keen eye and is VERY creative! Vicki shared some Christmas photos with all of us which made me feel as though I was there celebrating with she, Rob, Pompey and Lily!!! Mel had a good chuckle at seeing a photo of Rob at the stove cooking and then one of Vicki chilling with Lily on the sofa!!! ROFL!

We had a FABULOUS day which worked well into the night as we waited to have Christmas dinner until John arrived home from work. And, yes, I overdid myself as usual and am paying the price today!!! Will I ever learn? Doubtful, as ya gotta do whathca gotta do to get 'er done!!! ROFL!

Robert is working half-day today and then will be on his way to pick Wyatt and Garret up so I'm on my way to finish wrapping their gifts and preparing myself for another Christmas day with the little guys as well as Kaleb and his mommy and daddy!!! I'm SO excited to see Kaleb as this is, of course, his FIRST Christmas and he has some NEW things to show Grandma since last she saw him!!! I can't wait!

Well, I'd better get busy so I can come back later! Thank you ALL, each and every one, for your WONDERFUL Christmas wishes that I've just read before posting. Y'all are TOO sweet! MWAH!

Would LOVE to hear about your Christmas!

Have a GLORIOUS day everyone!!!

Linda :)

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