>> Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hello everyone!!!

I am stopping in VERY, VERY quickly as *Christmas Around The World* is going LIVE any moment now and I need to let you know that MY portion will not be available here on my blog until sometime tomorrow!

Things have progressively gone from bad-to-worse in that my system is SOOOOO slow, I literally walk away while waiting for a file to open or a program to close, etc. so needless to say, I am TOTALLY behind and struggling every moment of the way to GET 'ER DONE!!!

I am going to post the preview below as you will see it on the *Christmas Around The World* blog anyhoo along with the CATW banner which will be clickable to the CATW blog where you will GO bananas downloading ALL of the GORGEOUS goodies!!!

All items ARE NOT represented in this preview but it will give you just a wee bit of an idea of what is to come!!!

I had not opened my e-mail for several days as it bogs down my system and distracts me horribly as I am always compelled to answer what I read right away and I just have not had the time! I would like to thank ALL of you who corresponded in light of the files that showed up in with mine and I have been notified as to how it happened and it was a VERY innocent mishap caused by hitting the upload button in error!!! No worries - we all hit the wrong buttons now and then, eh? I KNOW I DO! OOOOPS, what did I do that for!!! Uh, huh, you know what I'm talkin' bout!

HAPPY FRIDAY everyone! Please remember to make it back over tomorrow night for MY final installment to *Walking in a Scrappy Wonderland* along with Vicki Parker, Dawn Mills and Mel Hains. WE have ALL had such a BLAST working together and in bringing you goodies for FOUR weeks with LOTS of goodies in between. Keep your eyes open for Dawn's additions after the finale' and I believe that Mel and Vicki have EXTRA goodies as well.


Love you guys and once again, I thank you from the DEPTHS of my being for your continued support and WONDERFUL comments!!! Y'all ROCK ... and the SOME!


Baci e abbracci,
Linda :)

P.S. I know it is going to be hectic here in SCRAPLAND and on 4-share, but please remember to say thanks to all of the designers you download from and if you are having difficulties with any downloads, 4-shared is going to be PUSHED TO THE LIMITS, so it might be best to leave it and return at another time!!! Think of the OLD PBX operators and all of those wires they had to plug in when receiving and transferring calls. On a busy day, it was PURE madness and I visualize 4-shared in the same manner but on a MUCH larger scale!!! XOXO

Come back tomorrow evening for my portion of *Christmas Around The World* and
my final installment of *Walking in a Scrappy Wonderland*! HAPPY, HAPPY y'all!

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