>> Monday, December 29, 2008

Hello my darlins'!!! Tis me, with the flu and stopping in to leave you with the first of two alphas I have to go along with *Holiday Sparkle* or ANY of your layouts that call for a little extra BLING!!! I should have titled this post, "One 'flu' over the cuckoo's nest" as it is driving me CRAZY to have to lay low!!! ROFL!!!

Thanks go out to my DEAR friend, Ms. Vicki, A Work in Progress, who just HAPPENED to catch me on Skype when I awoke this morning and talked me into trying the hot toddy that I was accustomed to as a child when very sick!!! Me thinks it did the trick as I have been UP all day thus far after spending the ENTIRE day in bed yesterday! I am still running a bit of a fever (my body is VERY chilled at the moment) and I shall be calling it a night as soon as I've posted my goody for y'all!!!

I also thank Vicki and my BFF, Dawn for making me CHUCKLE so and making me feel better. REMEMBER: Laughter IS the BEST medicine! That and ALL of the HONEY and LEMON in my Jasmine green tea!!! LOL! I've DEFINITELY been a TEA-TOTALER the past two days and food does not even sound appetizing! Hmmm ... could it be the English in me is taking over??? I just might have to move to England, eh? HA, HA, HA, HA, HAAAAAAAAAAAAA! HELLO VICKI!!! MWAH!

I fixed the little guys lunch, cleaned the kitchen and even vacuumed, so that tells me just HOW much better I am feeling, however, I am not going to push it by staying up late trying to catch up - OFF to beddy-bye I go!

Are y'all prepping for New Year's Eve??? I'd LOVE to know how y'all celebrate - those with children and those without. We will have young ones with us this year so we just HAVE to do something exciting for them. I've decided to do with them a tradition I had with mine as they were growing up and that is to give them my hole punches, scrapbooking ones included, and let them punch colored paper (hoping I still have some construction paper hanging about!) to their hearts content for them to use as confetti come MIDNIGHT on New Year's Eve!!! I am SO excited! I've been listening to their laughter throughout the day today and I think I'm more attuned to it being sick than I would be otherwise and it has TRULY blessed me to hear them laugh aloud!

Wyatt and Garret and really VERY well-behaved young men and I'm SO proud of them for catching on to the PLEASE and THANK-YOU's so quickly and they pour them out joyfully. Wyatt, the oldest, informed me that things are just a BIT different at his house and I told him that I was VERY pleased with their compliance and that it shall take them a LONG way in life! Don't ya think?

Well, I'd better stop my rambling and get my weary body to bed. I hope to be back tomorrow with the second alpha, which will be *Gold Glitzy Alpha* and in reverse of course!!!

Take care, be safe on the roads and SCRAP HAPPY!!!

Linda *hearts*

P.S. I still have a few more things to post for *Holiday Sparkle*, so STAY-TUNED!

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