>> Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Oh, aren't I the stubborn one, eh? LOL!

Firstly, I wish to thank you ONE and ALL for EVERY single LOVING comment regarding *Holiday Sparkle* (Ajila - as much as you and I like glitter, I think we should change that to "All that glitters, IS glitter darlin'"!!!)

Secondly, I wish to thank you as much OR more for ALL of your SWEET well-wishes, concerns and advice on recovering from the flu!

What I failed to tell y'all is that this is the FIRST time I have been bitten my the FLU bug in 20 years or better - I kid you not! Aside from my silly autoimmune disease (detest that word, makes it sound like you'll have it for life and I am SO stubborn and determined that I WILL have it beat one day), I am EXTREMELY healthy and my children generally are as well. That, I believe is due to genetics bearing forth a strong immune system. My boys, as teenagers and even presently, can have a head cold, congestion (most of them smoke, so no feeling sorry for them there *wink* - been there, done that some 20 + years ago!) and such and I am not even phased by it. I am an avid believer in handwashing religiously before going near the kitchen as that is where SO many germs are passed. I think keeping soap and Germ-X in the kitchen and bathrooms (okay, I KNOW what you are thinking, who does NOT keep soap in the bathroom!!! HA, HA!) has helped tremendously during my boys teenage years when they are out sharing everything with everybody and not even batting an eyelash over it! Okay, they may blink a few times while passing the goods! LOL! I was young once too and I SO know how that goes, and BOY does it ever!

Anyhoo, the COMMON denominator in all of your suggestions has been - REST, REST, REST! I agree and today was a rather tough day as Wyatt was calling my name quite often and you know, when you are ill, it takes a lot of energy and effort simply to reply, "yes"! By the time lunchtime was over, I was begging for relief!!! However, that did not make it's self available until MANY hours later in the form of DADDEEEEE! WOO HOO!

I think what pushed my energy levels over the edge at lunchtime was that I neglected to remember that neither of the boys LIKE mayonnaise (to their betterment, hear, hear!) let alone on their sandwiches and it was just a good thing that I had heated enough turkey for a second attempt at getting it right! ARGH! ACK! and PHEW!!! They were happy campers after round two of plate service at the table!!! ROFL! Such a SMALL task when one is feeling at the top of their game, eh? He, he ...

You know, it just dawned on me WHY I can be SO windy on my blog - I DON'T HAVE TO TALK!!! You poor dears! LOL! I apologize (said in my BEST Larry the Cable Guy voice!).

There is DEFINITELY something wrong with me. Anyone up for a diagnosis (be nice!)? I sincerely came here to simply say, "I'm still under the weather y'all, here is the second alpha that coordinates with *Holiday Sparkle* and will also make for a GREAT stand alone for ANY of your layouts that call for some extra BLING and/or GLITZ"!!! HARDY, HAR, HAR, HAR! HELP! I AM SICK! ROTFLMBO!

One MORE thing before I leave y'all. Ms. Anna, I apologize for taking SO long to get to e-mails and neglecting to see that you have already posted the QUICK PAGE you asked me about posting on your blog. Please forgive my tardiness.

Y'all, I'd like to head you over to Ms. Anna aka DELICIOUS SCRAP'S blog where you will find a VERY lovely QP (known here at BSD as "scrapatit"!) that she has created using one of her GORGEOUS Christmas kits and one of my acrylic frames. I am posting a preview below along with a link below it to Anna's blog where, if you've not ALREADY been, you will find a PLETHORA (say that TWO times as I REALLY mean it) of FREEBIE scrapkits as well as CU items. I have fallen behind on keeping up with Anna even though she is on my blog roll, because I know that if I visit, I will be TOTALLY sidetracked looking through all that she has posted since my LAST visit! The girl PUMPS the stuff out I tell ya! Anyhoo, without further ado, here is Anna's FREE QP that shall SURELY make a BEAUTIFUL home for one of your TREASURED Christmas photos! Please make sure to leave her some SCRAPLAND lovin'!

In the event that I do NOT make it back beforehand, I wish EACH and EVERY one of you and your family and friends a HEALTHY, HAPPY and PROSPEROUS New Year!!! Be SAFE! We are staying home with the boys and their homemade confetti! I am SO bad, I forgot to take photos of them punching today! Well, I'll snap a few tomorrow as they finish up!


Lots of love and a BIG, BIG hearty hug,
Linda :)

P.S. Oh, oh, oh, oh, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! I nearly forgot - I created my first two actions tonight (not beneficial to anyone else!), to lighten my workload after not being happy with the silver trim around this alpha. I hope y'all like it okay, it just lacked a bit of lustre! I was rather please with myself as on top of being sick, I followed no tut on this and just did what I usually do and figured it out!!! Yes, tutorials will be coming along sometime in the next year! LOL! I mean it! *big grin* Nighty, night! XOXO

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