>> Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Here I was all prepared, after sitting on my backside in this chair almost all day, to enter shouting HO, HO, HO, HO, HOOOOOOOO, here we goooooooooo .... once again, only now I don't feel SO "ho, ho, ho-ish"!

Me, the laid back, easy-going, "we aim to please" gal that just wants to make things WONDERFUL and EASY for everyone, has been VIOLATED!!! Where? In one of the 4-shared folders that I am sharing! Hmmmmph! The only thing that moves me from from my usual jovial self to TOTAL frustration and bewilderment is "injustice"!!! Placing files that ARE NOT MINE into my 4-shared folders is not "fair" play and I am not appreciating it whatsoever!

At first, I thought that, perhaps the author was sharing their creations and then VERY quickly I realized that the rightful owner would have contacted me first OR would be uploading to their OWN 4-shared account as ANYONE can have one, right?

While this does not hold a candle to the fact that my VERY dear friend Vicki of A Work in Progess - Designs by Vicki was just recently informed that some of her first kits were found being SOLD and with a COMMERCIAL license, this is still UNETHICAL behavior. I am TRULY saddened by this.

I have NO idea where the two zip files in question came from, but IF you are reading this now, YOU know where they came from and I am asking that you PLEASE refrain from any more inappropriate behavior anywhere in SCRAPLAND. This is such a MAGICAL time of the year for MOST all of us and I wish it to remain so. I am not saying anymore on the subject, but will inform whoever you are that I will be checking my shared folders several times a day from here on out as I DO NOT wish to punish the thousands of others honestly downloading some SPECIAL goodies because of your wrongdoing.

Oh, one more thing, one of these files was downloaded OVER 200 times so my message to all of us is that when downloading from a designer's site and we see something that looks like it does not belong there, please don't download it or them and if you are able to, notify the designer. It just is NOT right!

I had second thoughts about posting this, however, I am leaving it as written because when I made the decision to post access to the entire folder for those who might not have the opportunity to visit the same day I've posted and would otherwise have to hunt through older posts, I TRULY did not think anyone visiting my blog would have the heart to violate me in this manner.

Okay, now that the UGLY business is out the way ..... HO, HO, HO, HO, HOOOOOOOOOOO ... here we GO ... again ...

Today, I am adding to my *Worldwide Christmas Scrapbooking Freebies* folder with a revamped portion of my original *Holiday Sparkle* created in gold, silver and white! Hope you like it and I will have more to follow before the week is over.


Linda :)

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