>> Monday, December 15, 2008

Greetings y'all!!!

LOL! Well, since I've been the CABOOSE throughout our *Walking in a Scrappy Wonderland* collaboration of goodies featuring Snowsmoon's Design (Dawn Mills), mel_h designs (Mel Hains), A Work in Progress - Designs by Vicki (Vicki Parker) and yours truly, I've since DERAILED!!! YUP, done jumped the tracks!!! ROFL!

I posted a short message so y'all would know WHY I've been "derailed" and have come to find that I had not come down with a flu or anything (I NEVER get sick, just falling apart!) but had an adverse reaction to the smoke coming from the cedar burning in our woodstove several days ago and I almost walked right into it again just a bit ago!!! Now I am prisoner in my room (computer with me, OF COURSE!) until the the lingering aromatics dissipate so that I can breathe freely without my eyes and nose burning and a relapse into what I've felt the past several days - ACK!

I've just become sensitive to certain smoke (cigarette is one), car exhaust and some chemicals over the past decade. I believe it to be connected to the autoimmune issues I battle with on and off. ANYHOO, "I AM back" and am bringing you my final installment of *Dreaming of a Bright Christmas*, which I have added a few additional pieces to as a way of making up to you for it being several days late! I've included a "bare" tree for y'all to decorate to your liking and YES, and I even including the Christmas Tree Box that several of you had asked about from the preview for the plaid alpha. This LOVELY box was made from a couple of my background papers using a FABULOUS action from the VERY talented Monica Larsen who I refer to often as, ACTION QUEEN! If you visit her site, you shall understand why I think so highly of her AND she puts out some GORGEOUS kits as well! Stop on by and take a peek, I'm sure you will agree.

Monica also owns Commercial-Use which is a site consisting of nothing but INCREDIBLE designer resources and you can find the link located on my sidebar as well as HERE!

I will be offering up another alpha and a few more goodies to coordinate with our *Walking in a Scrappy Wonderland* collaboration and since this is my final BIG project of the year, I will continue adding goodies to each of the folders on my sidebar, which include *Dreaming of a Bright Christmas", "Holiday Sparkle" and an add-on to *And Winter Came* (I will be adding image and link to the sidebar after this post or tomorrow morning) throughout the remainder of the month of December. I will always post via my blog first and then add the links to the appropriate folders.

I've spent the past two days relaxing and watching some WONDERFUL Christmas movies with Robert on ABC Family, Hallmark and Lifetime. There are some really GOOD, GOOD movies to be watched let me tell you!!! I believe my allowing myself to "veg" for a bit has helped me recovery quite quickly, not to mention affording me some quality time with my sweetheart!!!

AJILA - NO, it has not started snowing in Copper yet! It was VERY close to happening but all we got out of it today was hail! The temp was 36 degrees, so not QUITE cold enough. My son Mark called a bit ago and they had a dusting of it 11 miles up the hill in Angels Camp, but nothing that stuck for long! That is usually the way in our neck of the woods and we can only hope each year that we'll get to see some if only for a moment! Rain? OH YEAH! LOTS of it! Thank you for being a constant RAY of sunshine on my blog girl! Leaving YOU some love!!! MWAH!

BARB - I'm spoiled enough just knowing I have such GOOD friends that wish to spoil me when I'm under the weather!!! Thank you for sharing with ALL of SCRAPLAND from your MOST generous spirit. I've not been able to download the special gift you sent yet with my lagging computer and derailment! Please forgive me and I will come visit you personally on your blog to thank you and, of course, will just HAVE to share with everyone in SCRAPLAND! You are such a GEM and I am SO thankful to have been given the opportunity to meet and get to know you. HUGGIES!

NANCY (in CT) - I saw a post somewhere out in SCRAPLAND by you mentioning that you are Polish and celebrate with a Polish cuisine even!!! My grandfather on my father's side was born in Warsaw, so I am 25%, but would SO love to learn a little about how you celebrate! Sending you some LOVE girl and hope that you are feeling GOOD this MOST wondrous time of the year!

SHARON - CONGRATULATIONS to Missy for her achievements!!! WOO HOO! Thank you for sharing the layouts and I shall be visiting you again VERY soon! XOXO

EVERYBODY - I am sending love and hugs to all and thank you from the depths of my soul for your INCREDIBLE support via comments, e-mails and postings to the guestbook. I am SO blessed to have such an INSPIRATIONAL group of digi-scrapping sisters with whom I can share not only my designs, but a bit of ourselves as well!

I shall work diligently this next week to catch up with many of you on YOUR blogs as I really miss my blog-hopping and LOVE to visit and see what y'all are up to!!!

HAPPY MONDAY everyone and may this week bring about ALL that you hope it to!

Much love and BIG hugs,

P.S. I am posting previews of my first three parts to *Walking in a Scrappy Wonderland* for any that may be visiting for the first time and would like to collect all portions from the past three weeks. You will find the main preview image located near the top of the sidebar. Click the image adn you will have access to the entire folder of coordinating pieces to download as you so desire. Hope y'all are enjoying ALL that SCRAPLAND has been offering us this Christmas season - I surely have! MWAH!

Don't forget to check out Vicki, Dawn and Mel's blogs (clicable blinkies located at the top of my sidebar) for ALL of the goodies they have to offer this week and throughout the remainder of the year! These gals are SO incredibly talented and I am MOST honored to have had this opportunity to work with each one of them! SOOOOO looking forward to another chat LOVELY ladies!!! *wink*

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