>> Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ahhhh YES! More glitter for y'all and it just occurred to me as I was zipping up the file for tonight's download that GLITTER is, indeed, a VERY magical ingredient on a layout!!! Well, for me it is anyhoo! What do you ALL think?

Can you believe it? One more week until Christmas!!! My, oh my how the time TRULY does fly when you are having FUN! And you know, how can one NOT have FUN in SCRAPLAND? I think it impossible! ROFL!

I wish you all a TERRIFIC Thursday and I thought I would not be able to have computer time tomorrow as Mark was going to bring Kaleb down for Grandma to babysit while Mommy and Daddy went to pick up his portraits and do some Christmas shopping, however, they have decided to take baby with them! If they are not too tuckered out, they will attempt a visit on their way back home in the evening. Besides, they are going to the mall and y'all know WHO is at the mall, right? Uh, huh, SANTA CLAUS!!! I told Mark to take their camera and snap some photos of Kaleb in Santa's lap!!! He has already seen Santa, but Mark was not present SO, they just need to visit again, don't you think? LOL! No fair that Daddy doesn't get to see his son's first visit with Jolly 'ol Saint Nick!!! LOL!

And tonight's goody, MORE *Holiday Sparkle*!!! Had enough yet???

See you tomorrow ...

Love atcha,

P.S. For any of you visiting for the first time or who have not collected the first three downloads of *Holiday Sparkle*, you will find access to the entire folder by clicking on the *Holiday Sparkle* preview located on the sidebar.

*** I have deleted THREE files today from my *Walking in a Scrappy Wonderland* folder. I also deleted two files yesterday. PLEASE make sure that you are clicking on the DOWNLOAD button and not UPLOADING anything. The way I am seeing this, since others are downloading these foreign files that belong to other designers, is that piracy is taking place within my 4-shared account and I am not liking that idea one bit, so please do not add any files to my folder. If it continues to be a problem, then I shall have to remove access to my folders.

As my sweet friend Cindi aka SOINKINCUTE said in one of her comments that I just read today, 99% of SCRAPLAND would NOT do such a thing, so that means I am only speaking forth to the other 1% that might think to. I thank you in advance for respecting my space and those who come to visit on friendly terms.

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