>> Sunday, December 28, 2008

HAPPY, HAPPY y'all!!! Hope to find everyone relaxing and recovering nicely from their Christmas gatherings! I am one TUCKERED OUT mamacita as we ended up having Christmas gatherings at our home THREE days in a row!!! Not complaining, as I THOROUGHLY enjoyed EVERY moment of EACH of those those three days, the last of which has JUST ended and I've slipped onto the computer to leave you with another portion of *Holiday Sparkle* along with a few photos from Christmas, Day One!!!

A few of our decorations - I SOOOO love pine garlands and
white lights! I've even strung them in our bedroom along
with a 3-foot lit tree! My VERY humble abode y'all for which I
am EVER thankful! Luke, twin #1 passing out gifts he brought
for everyone! I was SO impressed with his gift selections, ALL
of which were VERY practical and adored by the recipient!

I am off to LA-LA land and BOY, did I have ONE strange dream during my last sleep!!! It seems I was some sort of well-educated "technical" person (ONLY in my dreams would this be the case!) and helped an airplane destined for disaster and was the ONLY one who would be able to do so!!! ROFL! Now, we ALL know that dreams are not as they appear so I'll do a bit of pondering upon this one to see what comes forth! HA!

ENJOY your Sunday and I hope to share more photos from out gathering with Kaleb on Friday and with Lohgan yesterday, both grandsons!!! They are SOOOOOOO sweet!!! He, he ... OF COURSE! LOL! There was also a SNOW adventure yesterday as well. Lohgan's FIRST experience in the snow and Wyatt and Garret had WAY too much fun with their new sled!!! Me? I got to stay home, do some cleaning up and enjoy my kitty cats who, by the way, have NOT touched our Christmas tree one time and it is a REAL live one this year!!! I think they both deserve a REALLY big treat for being SO well-behaved, don't you? *big smile*

Now for MORE *Holiday Sparkle* and remember y'all, I would just LOOOOOOOVE to see some of your holiday layouts and/or photos uploaded to the guestbook! *wink*

If you have sent me an e-mail in the past week and I have not yet replied, I shall be working on those over the next couple of days. Thank you again for ALL of the WONDERFUL comments - they DO keep me motivated and inspired!!! MWAH!

Love to all,
Linda :)

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