>> Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hi y'all!!!

Stopping in for a moment to let those of you who have brought to my attention two broken and/or non-working links, that I have re-uploaded the following files in my *Dreaming of a Bright Christmas* - Walking in a Scrappy Wonderland folder located on the upper portion of the sidebar:



You will see the original links as well and I have not removed them due to all of the comments that I still need to go through again!

This is the FIRST time 4-shared has broken my links so I cannot complain after over a year of uploading to their service!

I shall be back later with another addition to HOLIDAY SPARKLE and am SO thrilled that y'all are LOVING the GOLD and SILVER! If I had my say and the ability to do so, I would LOVE to decorate my house in ALL white lights (this part I do already!) and greenery with SILVER and GOLD decor!!! SOOOOO elegant!

See you lator gators ...

Linda :)

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