>> Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Got the Christmas tree lights glowing, the camera batteries charged and ready-to-go, gifts will ALL be wrapped tonight and tomorrow and then come Christmas day, VOILA, the ACTION begins!!!

Everybody ready??? Company coming? You going? Christmas breakfast with others outside of the family? Church service? Numerous stops on Christmas day? A serviceman/woman coming home for the holidays? How are YOU spending your Christmas this year?

We have had a little change in plans as Robert has to work, so we will celebrate with three of my sons later in the day (John works with Robert so they will arrive home together) and Robert will pick Wyatt and Garret up on Friday to celebrate with them. He also has a SNOW day planned in which he will take whoever wishes to go, to the SNOW!!! The little guys don't know it yet, but Dad has bought them a sled so this will be quite a treat for them!!!

Well, I have a little more *Holiday Sparkle* for y'all and I hope that you can find a place to add it to your VASTLY growing collection!!! Now, when I first created these papers and embellishments, I did so with it in mind for them to be mixed with other designs. In other words, everything in *Holiday Sparkle* has glitter on it somewhere and I don't think you will create an entire layout with EVERYTHING sparkling, so they are nice pieces to blend with say, plain papers or non-glittered embellies! Then again, you may be a SPARKLE fiend like me!!! ROFL! They are really great for cards, gift bags and mini-albums as well for those last minute gifts that suddenly pop onto your list or you've suddenly remembered. NAH! Not y'all!!! You ladies are TOP of it this year, I just KNOW it!!! Remember, there is only ONE caboose and that would be ... ME! LOL!

I will say that I am looking forward to this year ending my motto of "a day late, a dollar short and THE LAST to know" and finding the new year replacing it with something at the opposite END of the spectrum! HA, HA, HA, HA, HAAAAA! WOO HOO!!!!

Love to all and to all a HAPPY, FUN and SAFE night!

Linda :)

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