2009 Project 365 - Day 11

>> Sunday, January 11, 2009

I cannot tell you HOW good it is feeling to be making some BIG strides on getting myself back to some form of normalcy in our beloved Scrapland and my designing!!!

I am THRILLED that I've been keeping up with my photo taking for my 2009 Project 365 and today's photo is of ALL four of my beloved sons GLUED to Robert's laptop while watching videos on YouTube!!! They even had me glued to it for a short bit as we were watching some of the OLD-SCHOOL break dancing from BACK in the day!!!

Mark, closest to the computer screen, could BUSTA MOVE or two not too long ago!!! He is VERY limber and one of these days I shall have to muster up a photo or two I have of him walking with our cordless phone tucked between his shoulder blades!!! TOO funny! All six of my children have inherited various musical abilities and talents, although none of them have really pursued any of them. Mark suffers at a very young age with back and knee troubles. He has NEVER played any contact sports so that does not factor into the equation. I am pretty sure at this point that he has inherited it as Luke, my redhead, also has similar troubles.

While I am not sure if I have any photos, I remember my oldest son, Matt (fingers on the touchpad!) at the tender age of four, break dancing on a piece of cardboard in one of our neighbor's driveways with their son!!! I was SO amazed and stood in AWE to watch this SWEET little man gettin' down!!! ROFL! I shall have to dig for this treasure in the near future!

The boys all have rhythm to spare! And why does that seem like such a BIG deal to this Mom??? Well, at the age of 16 while dancing with my father at an Italian wedding where you just KNOW the music is flowing, he informed me that I had NO rhythm! That stuck for a while, until I found that THIS girl could BUSTA MOVE or two on the dance floor herself! It simply came down to the fact that I'd not been taught how to dance like my elders and my father was was VERY smooth on the dance floor and I suppose a little disappointed in someone who wasn't going to help his moves along!!!

This photo has GREAT significance to me as we move along in 2009 because my boys have all moved into their own places, with the exception of John (standing upright!) and it just blesses my heart to see them ALL gathered together in our home! It's moments like this that are SO rewarding and shall be EVER so treasured as I see/hear their personalities meshing together, hear them laugh, get stern with one another when passionate about something and always leave each other with a special brotherly good-bye!

And yes, REMEMBER, my Christmas/Winter decor stays up throughout the month of January!!! He, he ... I even took a few snaps of the boys in front of the Christmas tree just in case I've lost our Christmas photos!!! Ya NEVER know, eh? ROFL!

Linda :)

P.S. I've been noticing that my photos have been looking VERY grainy the past several months. I've check my camera to make sure that it is in FINE mode and have actually set it to the FINEST, but they still look grainy and come up at 72 dpi in Photoshop. I ordered a new XD card along with my EHD and enclosure to see if that remedies the problem. If not, then I guess I have to assume it is the camera itself and if that be the case, then I REALLY have a GOOD excuse for pursuing a new one!!! Any one else experience this same dilemma resulting in poor picture quality?

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