>> Saturday, January 24, 2009


I will NOT tell you that I did not go to bed until after the sun rose this morning, but I will tell you that I accomplished my mission and while this week may get a wee bit hairy, it shall surely be worth it come time to step back and relax a bit!

Robert has thoroughly enjoyed his day of leisure and is, at this moment, across from me reading and learning even more about his job! One day when I have a bit more time without a time element looming over me, I shall explain to you WHY I am SO very proud of Robert and all that he has accomplished these past few years! Talk about new beginnings - WOO HOO!

My sweet baby boy, Kaleb Jace, took his first steps this past Tuesday I believe it was! NO!!! He cannot walk yet! ROFL! Kaleb is now 9-1/2 months and during his last visit right after Christmas, I just knew he'd be walking before our next visit as he was crawling at a fast pace and pulling himself right up on his mommy and daddy! I miss him and need to see if Jessica has new photos up on her My Space that I can snag and share!

I am having fun getting myself all set up with family and friends over on Facebook and just as soon as I'm a bit more settled, I will post a link here so if any of you wish to come and visit me and get to know my family a little better, I will invite you in! I NEVER thought I'd spend much time there, but since my mom has managed to gather a HUGE lot of my family and I am posting my designs too, it is turning into a rather nice spot to hang out in several times a day to see what everyone is up to! WAY cool. Out of my six children, I now have FOUR of them connected and the other two simply need some computer time to get their's set up!

GOTTA, GOTTA LOVE TECHNOLOGY! Still blows me away! *sigh*

I have a couple more "hearts squared" for you. A shimmering silver and gold! These, of course, can go with just about ANY thing you can think of for an elegant to a dressed-up casual look!

I hope to find everyone enjoying their weekend. I will be trying to recover the data from my failed hard drive THIS weekend so keep your fingers and toes crossed for me!!! MWAH!

See you later gators! REMEMBER: It is SCRAP HAPPY HOUR 24/7 here in SCRAPLAND!

Much love,
Linda *hearts*

P.S. I am finishing up a couple of samples so that you can see the frames up close and not distorted by the packaging. I will post them shortly!

Joan being escorted down the aisle by her Uncle Wes!

Photo courtesy of Rebecca McLachlan Photography, Vancouver, WA

I had fun just completing this one! I made duplicate copies to manipulate this photo
of Joan and Travis exchanging rings so that the outer portion could be faded and put
a layer of white beneath it. Joan and Travis. I know there is an easier way and I will
share it just as soon as I have a few minutes to work on it in Photoshop! XOXO

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