>> Sunday, January 18, 2009

Well, I seem to be rather exhausted this weekend so I shall not bore you with my usual ramblings!!! HA! We ALL know I can do that rather easily, eh?!

Anyhoo, hoo, I hope ya'll are REFRESHED and ready to take on the NEW week ahead! To those participating in the ADSR, I wish you ALL the best as I, personally, know what is involved in an event of this caliber and it surely takes GREAT stamina, creativity and FOCUS!!! You GO girls!

I had mentioned previously that I was still in the process of restoring files from Mozy back onto the EHD that I had deleted after moving them over the hard drive that failed. Well, I have added a few more items to this final installment since I now have those files on my new computer. I hope you will like the additions!!! Oh, and you will note another "cupid", but this one is a charm so that you can "hang" it!!! You will find that I usually offer an embellishment or two in two different formats, one for the more experienced scrapper to do with as they please and then one that is fairly ready-made for a new scrapper or for those times when we wish to scrap something quickly! LOL! Gee, wouldn't we ALL like to ALWAYS be scrapping quickly? I would, which reminds me, I still need to catch up on my 2009 Project 365 photos and layout lest I NEVER do!!! *sigh*

I cannot wait to see some layouts, cards or hybrid crafts using *Love Me Tender*! I've thought about making a few things myself as time allows! I would LOVE to do something for my mama for Valentine's Day!!! Every time I work with this scrapkit, it reminds me of a photo I have of my mom as a babe of about nine months in the arms of my grandmother and grandfather back in 1928! I will share when I get 'er done!

Thank you, thank you AND thank you for the overwhelming outpouring of WONDERFUL comments and loving on *Love Me Tender*!!! WOW! WOW! I am AMAZED!

Ajila, thank you for sharing the positive report from you DH! I told Robert earlier he would not believe how MANY he has rooting for him tomorrow here in SCRAPLAND! He, he .... THANK YOU!

I shall see you back tomorrow with the coordinating ROSE ALPHA!

Much love,
Linda *hearts*

P.S. I erred on the proper description of last nights files for *Love Me Tender*. To avoid any confusion, Download Two contained three background papers, Download Three contained the worn and torn overlay and Download Four was filled with embellishments. Everything was present, I just noted the incorrect sequence of files. Sorry about that!

Tonight, you will find in Download Five, four background papers plus one tissue matte and Download Six is ALL embellishments! HAPPY SCRAPPING!

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