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Well, the 'ol gray mare just AIN'T what she used to be!!! ROTFLMBO! I could not even make it to post my Day 2 photo on my blog last night, but I did get it posted twice on Facebook!!! LOL! I was whooped big time I tell ya! I sat here trying so hard to write up my post for my blog and then I wanted to change this and to change that, so instead, I turned off my light and went to sleep!!! He, he ...

I have SO much to prepare for this month and I definitely DO push my self a bit too hard at times and being down with the flu is just NOT one of those times to do so as SO many of you have SO nicely put it to me - REST! Okay, I rested!!! I actually slept TEN hours last night and that is four hours more than what I am accustomed to, although it did tell me that I needed it!

Today I leave you with *Holiday Sparkle, #7* and there will be one more part before I retire this SPARKLING menagerie!!! I have SO much to share with you, but I wish to wait until my head is clear so that I know I am making some sort of sense!!! I am feeling really loopy and I've been dealing with a near non-stop headache, so I shall leave the important announcements for another time when I can jump and up and down with excitement while writing my post!!! LOL!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for ALL of your continued comments of encouragement, LOVE and get-well's!!! I feel ALL warm and fuzzy inside - y'all are just TOOO sweet! And you just HAVE to know how much LOVE heals, eh? Uh, huh, it SURELY does! MWAH!

Very quickly, to those who are not following 2009 Project 365, I TOTALLY understand where y'all are coming from, believe me and NO, Terri, I don't consider it being "lazy"! We all have different ideas on how we wish to accomplish our scrapping goals and I tend to agree with those that already have TONS of photos to scrap, like ME!!!

I think this was primarily started as a means by which to see how ones year has evolved and that concept, I think, is pretty darn cool! I tend to focus SO much on what I haven't scrapped that I am missing out on FUN ways to preserve today and tomorrow's memories, so I am thinking that for me this year, I am going to TRY, key word - TRY, my best to keep up and journal as I go so that at the end of each week, I can actually scrap about a week's worth of events rather than trying to recall them all at the end of a year! This is worth my honest effort and then at the end of the year, I can evaluate what I've done and whether or not I like the end results. Something tells me that I am REALLY going to like them!!! WOO HOO! And guess what? You get to follow me along on my journey as I I have added a slide show on the upper portion of my sidebar where I will be posting each day's photos. On facebook, I am actually adding some journaling so I will use that journaling as prompts for my final journaling as I scrap at the end of each week .... or two .... or .... he, he ....

I am making up for yesterday, so here are my photos for Day 2 and Day 3!

I mentioned that I LOVE stringing white lights and pine
garland all about the house, including our bedroom, so
here we have a glimpse of the lighted garland atop my
dresser mirror. I really adds a warm glow to the room
and I will have to post a photo I took of my son, John on
New Year's Eve as he was looking into my mirror wearing
his Happy New Year hat. The lighting was VERY sweet
and made for a few nice photos of the baby of my brood!

Since Robert and I have have eleven children between us
and they are all from our previous marriages, I printed and
framed photos of his children and family members to make
a nice little collage for him to gaze upon whenever he needs
a fix! We actually have photos ALL throughout the great
room, but one can NEVER have too many family photos
out and about to admire, now can one? LOL! NO WAY!

Well, believe it or not, I am getting winded and I'm not even talking!!! LOL! That's weird, but I have a bit of congestion and have been drinking LOTS of fluid, mostly Traditional Medicinal's Echinacea Plus nice and hot with honey and lemon as well as water. I hope to be greeting the new week feeling better!

Have a SUPER SUNDAY y'all!!!

Love and hugs,
Linda :)

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