>> Monday, January 5, 2009

Y'all, I am SO sick to my stomach at this moment. I just got off the phone with a Dell tech in India (very NICE and PATIENT gentleman I might add), and after having awakened to a NEW computer that apparently did NOT wish to be awakened, it looks as though I am in need of a new hard drive only three weeks into using my new system! UGH!

The reason I am SO sick is that my old system had become SO bogged down and despite numerous attempts to burn DVD's, Nero was merciless and kept freezing my entire system so I finally uninstalled it for good anticipating the arrival of my new computer.

I figured out how to network the two computers together so I could transfer all of my commercial-use files, my design files and my photos and layouts to the new computer for successful burning. Only, that is NOT going to happen now as my BRAND NEW hard drive has failed before I could even begin the task. So, I am without anything, as I had moved the files to the new computer and removed them from the old so that it could breath at last!

I know all things happen for a purpose, so I shall sit quietly, with the HUGE pit in my stomach and listen for what the purpose is.

I am in no position financially to pay out hundreds of dollars or more to attempt to retrieve what is on the now, useless piece of hardware, however, I will be forever sick if I don't exhaust all resources.

I would GREATLY appreciate ANY and ALL recommendations as to what you know has worked for either yourself or someone you know. As I am still recovering from the flu, I am weak and really unable to think clearly so nothing is coming to me at the moment! LOL! Robert is going to check with his tech that services the casinos computers and see if he can be of any help or guide us in the right direction.

My Robert is TRULY a rare gem! He is SO sweet and through my, I'm sick and cannot lose everything on that hard drive tears, managed to make me laugh by informing me that I should keep my eye out for the "computer dummy" to arrive via a green Explorer at about 6:00 this evening! That would be him darling man that he is! I ALWAYS tell him that if anyone can fix something, it is HIM! Why just last night I had knocked my little space heater down from where I had placed it for more direct heat and it stopped working. Robert left the room to get his cordless screwdriver, took that baby apart and had it working BETTER than ever in a matter of about 15-20 minutes!

Look out hard drive!!! ROFL! Oh well, I can dream, right? He, he ...

I shall appreciate your input BIG time on this one y'all! Needless to say, I am out of commission for a spell. New hard drive is due to arrive Wednesday and they want me to return the old one within five days! HA! We shall see - I wish to at least attempt to retrieve my stuff first and it just might take more than five days!!!

And, I cannot tell you how thankful that I still have my older system to communicate with! WOO HOO!!!

Love and hugs,
Linda *hearts*

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