>> Monday, January 5, 2009

Thank you ALL for our variety of input! GREATLY appreciated. I took my photo today and I bet y'all can guess what it is of!!! YUP, my blank screen!

Tim, thank you SO very much for sharing your experience. Believe it or not, that has ALWAYS worked for me in the past, but thus far, NADA! *smiles* I shall give it another go though as y'all know this girl does not throw in the towel without a GOOD fight!!! ROFL! Thank you Mama for passing down the "determination" gene!

Steph, if I had the money, I'd buy a MAC in a heartbeat!!! I've been sold on MAC's forever but have NEVER been able to put out that much money, let alone the additional expense of replacing expensive software like Photoshop! It is on my WISH LIST for sure and if ever the opportunity presents itself, you can be guaranteed I'll have one sitting on my desk!!! Thank you for the well-wishes sweetie!

Kori, I agree! I am waiting for Robert to get in touch with their tech and then if that proves fruitless, I will contact my faithful ISP tech, Todd, to see what he recommends or if he, himself, can provide retrieval service!

Beth, I am using MOZY! In fact, if you are the same Beth I think you are, I am the one that had recommended MOZY to y'all!!! You know, in my being sick I did not even stop to think about that. However, here is my dilemma and I know now in hindsight, I should have waited. I moved ALL of my design files and CU goodies over to the new computer as I was no longer able to burn from the old computer. The mistake I made was deleting ALL of those files from my external hard drive before actually burning to DVD on the new computer. I am not sure whether MOZY would still have the files as they update according to the activity on your computer. In other words, if I change a file, Mozy will backup the updated file automatically. I deleted about 150 GB's of files from the external hard drive so I am not sure whether MOZY still has them, however, THANK YOU for mentioning it, and I will check with them immediately, although according to the screen I get every time they backup, I don't think the files are there as I literally cut the amount in half when I deleted!!!

As far as backing up, I had tried and tried to burn DVD's on the older computer, but the software was not allowing me to do so. When I bought the new system, I literally spent every penny on it that I had to spend so I did not have money for new software or even a new EHD, which I wish to get ASAP to leave the operating drive free.

I was not going to mention anything until I was GOOD-TO-GO, but having take a three-month sabbatical of sorts from selling my designs in any stores and really needing to start compensating for all of the monies I have put into software, commercial items and now a new computer, I was JUST in the process of setting up stores at two different sites (to be announced at a later date!), was prepared to start working on all new previews today when I sat down and soon figured out that I was without the machine holding onto all of my designs!!! ROFL!

I am thankful for a GOOD sense of humor, and of anything, I take this as a sign that I am to completely start anew in 2009!!! Although, the hardest part for me is thinking about ALL of my layouts, which of course, can be redone as well! In the event that things don't work out with retrieval, which I have the faith they will, I will only be losing my last visit with my grandson, and our Christmas through New Year's photos plus Days 1-4 of 2009 Project 365. Anyhoo, NO more thinking about that until I've exhausted ALL of those resources, eh? LOL! *big smile*

Charlie, I shall LOVE to get ANY suggestions from your darling husband, the computer geek, that I can love! Thank you for offering! Thank you ALL so very much for coming to my rescue! SCRAPLAND is TRULY an AMAZING and MAGICAL place to me and I have come to LOVE and ADMIRE all of it's inhabitants as if y'all were "real" family! MWAH!

Without further ado, my blank screen ... I, er, uhm ... mean my photo for Day 5 of 2009 Project 365!!!

Linda :)

My computer screen with Windows not wanting to load!

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