>> Friday, January 30, 2009

No particular spelling on my end, they just happen! LOL! Uhm ... P-H-O-N-E, K-I-D-D-O-S, E-M-A-I-L, I-M, F-U-R-B-A-B-i-E-S, F-O-O-D ... and the list goes on! LOL! Sorry, as my uncle Greg puts it, "sometimes life just gets in the way"! He, he ...

Just letting y'all know that my day has been crazy and PS has not seen me yet and I am on my way in now to get your goody ready for today!

I hope that everyone is looking forward to a FUN and RELAXING weekend! Oh, wait, how many are watching the Super Bowl?????? How MANY of you are actually "attending" the Super Bowl??????? No matter, it's gonna be a WILD WEEKEND for sure! There will be A LOT of HOOPIN' and a HOLLERIN' here at my house! I've got my earphones ready!!! LOL! Just kidding! I LOVE to hear the guys getting all excited! Not often we have a group together and even less often that they are heard getting a little bit crazy! Okay .... A LOT CRAZY! ROFL!

I will be back in a bit with some *Acrylic Frames* that will do well for your ALL ABOUT ME pages or any layout that is about a VERY special someone in your life!

Be back soon,
Linda :)

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