>> Tuesday, January 6, 2009

WOO HOO!!! I can see the forest through the trees, the LIGHT at the END of the tunnel!!!

Thank you, thank you ALL so VERY much!!!

Beth, I called MOZY today and explained the situation and a VERY nice young lady named Kim was full of ALL the right info for me! I had a call coming in from Robert so her sentences were bleeped a few times, but I went to the MOZY homepage and looked up info on restoring files! DOH! I completely forgot about them putting a virtual drive on my system!!! I had first gone to RESTORE via the icon in the quick launch menu, however, I was SOON disheartened when I did not see a single file I had hoped to.

I went to the virtual drive via My Computer and clicked on MOZY and what to my VERY hopeful eyes should appear? ALL of the files that I hold SO near and dear!!!

Now, this solves the MOST important part of my dilemma, however, after Robert spoke with his tech at work, he does not believe the hard drive to be the problem, which is EXACTLY how I felt when on the phone with the Dell tech. We shall see, but we all are inclined to believe that it is more of a "powering up" problem than the hard drive, however, we could be off-base as well!!! I don't care what the issue is, I just want my INFO!!! ROFL!

While MOZY will be SLOWLY (this may take weeks) restoring the files I am selecting, I am still hoping to be able to retrieve all of the new files I had put onto the new hard drive! Guess what the first thing is I'm going to do when up and running again on the new system??? Uh, huh - MOZY!!! You know, for just under $10/mo for two computers and UNLIMITED backup space, you REALLY cannot go wrong and WHAT peace of mind it gives you. If I had of had my wits about me in ALL of the HUBBUB the past month, I would have thought to subscribe to MOZY straight away. I've also learned a VERY valuable lesson and that is just because something is BRAND new, does not guarantee it to supercede something of old!!! And, I didn't quite get to the burning as fast as I should have!!!

PRIORITIES! That is something I shall be working on diligently in 2009. I tend to do for everyone else first and leave my needs for last. I'm not much of a television viewer, but yesterday while under the weather and trying Tim's trick, I decided to sit down with a HOT cup of tea and see what I could find to watch that would be interesting and informative. When I powered on the television, it was Oprah speaking! I've not watched her in just about FOREVER, but know that she usually has some informative shows, etc. Long story short, she was talking about how weight had crept back onto her and proceeded to story us up to the present where she realizes that she had removed herself from HER to-do list!!! AHA! YES, YES, YESSS! I, too, somehow have managed to do the same! Or, was I ever there to begin with??? ROTFLMBO!

SO, from now on, when I complete a kit (thank you girlfriend!!!) and upload it either to a store or to 4-shared, I will immediately burn it to DVD. On my older computer, not only did I have burning issues, but for some reason, it would not let me burn more than one session on a disk and I did not wish to have to waste SO much space and money on burning potentially less than a GIG per DVD. Anyhoo, I shall get it all sorted and try to do a better job of backing up this year. I still say that I can breathe a BIG sigh of relief because of MOZY!!! Thank you!

I will update y'all as soon as I hear from either tech! Good thing I'm a VERY patient person!!! LOL!

I've been SO sick (lost my voice last night!) that my mind just gets jumbled when trying to think about everything I need to do for this and that and I'm kind of on autopilot I think!!!

I hope to be able to do a little something in Photoshop tonight and repay y'all with a little goody. Words cannot express my thankfulness to EACH one of you for your recommendations.

I went looking for EHD's and happened across the MAC MALL! I am SO sorry to those that think I would fair better in the long run with a MAC!!! I agree with your theory, however, my bank account does not hold a candle to the price of a MAC! I literally spent every penny I had on the Dell Inspiron and I am just hoping and praying that it gives me at least four years worth of FABULOUS service as has my older one! As far as contracting viruses, this past few months was the first time EVER in 15 years of computing and it only happened because the new program I bought and installed was not protecting me for the first week. Apparently, I was missing the update file when they asked for me to send it to them!!!

So, perhaps if I can sell a few kits when I open my stores, I will designate a certain percentage to a MAC account and with positive thoughts, I may be sitting here this time NEXT year typing to you on my new MAC!!! WOO HOO! Now that is a WONDERFUL goal to shoot for!

SO, any guesses on what my photo is for Day 6 of my 2009 Project 365??? It is VERY meaningful and I am sure that a year from now, I shall get a REALLY good chuckle out of it!!!

HAPPY, HAPPY y'all!!!

Linda :)

I'm doing a HAPPY DANCE while looking at this screen! PHEW!
I cannot say enough for MOZY - they are MUCH more than I first
thought them to be. I mean, come on, a virtual drive where I can
see ALL of my backed up files!!! INCREDIBLE and SO reassuring!

Thank you MOZY! Thank you SCRAPLAND!!!

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