>> Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Greetings y'all!!! So, how was your day today? I have spent the majority of mine celebrating the Inauguration of the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama and rejoicing in my daughter, Joan, becoming a little mama!!! LOL! Sorry, I could not refuse the rhyme as I seem to walk right into them QUITE often! He, he ...

Yes, I actually snapped photos ALL morning long hoping to come up with a few good ones to scrap of this historical day, however, after downloading all 500+ of them (you think that count is accurate? hmmmm ....), I found a spot of glare on just about every one of them! DRATS! Guess I'll have to use the ones taken by the professionals after all. I suppose that is kosher since they will be for my own personal use, eh? I closed blinds, turned off lights and anything else I could think of to stop any glare from showing up, however, I surely missed something!!! LOL!

I'm almost afraid to disappoint myself by downloading the second card full!!! OMGosh, they simply did NOT make televisions for us to point our cameras at, or am I missing something??? Anyone here in SCRAPLAND ever taken CLEAR photographs of something/someone on television? Would you PLEASE share your secret if you have??? Pretty please! I took photos of the last winter Olympics and had the same trouble. I did end up scrapping one photo, but did a LOT of photo manipulation to make it doable!

Okay, SO, I celebrated the swearing in of our NEW president and then when I did not think the day could possibly get ANY better, I get a phone call from April, daughter number one, telling me to go to my Facebook to see some photos that she had just uploaded. So, like a GOOD Mama, I scurry right on over there and get horribly LOST! Yes, I have just invited all of my children to Facebook since my mother has gathered all seven of her children and is working on gathering nearly all 30 of her grandchildren as well as nieces, nephews and close family friends! I mean, come on, if my 81-year-old mother can maneuver Facebook with relative ease, then I suppose that leaves me without an excuse for joining in, right? ROFL! Uh, huh! I will post my the link to my Facebook as soon as figure out where to find one of their widgets!

So, I log into Facebook and am immediately drawn to a comment written by my mother congratulating Joan, who is BRAND new to Facebook as of this morning, on her recent marriage (this past August) and then mentioning that it looked as though congratulations were order once again. At this point, my motherly instincts had been confirmed and I just NEW this had to mean that she was pregnant!!!

I'm still on the phone with April, in tears (joyful tears!), and frustrated as to why I was NOT able to locate the afore mentioned photos. "Mom, look in your regular e-mail". I can't, I am still restoring files and the machine is WAY too slow to even attempt to search for an e-mail! "Mom, have you looked in your inbox on Facebook"? Uhm .... oh SHOOT! Why do I keep forgetting about that inbox, I just go to my homepage and work my way from there!!!

So I get to my inbox and see a message from Joan titled, "Minnie U " (Uhlig is her married name). My heart was beating quickly and the anticipation of reading her news was more than I could bear at this point. If you had of seen how MANY times I was back and forth through my page, her page and April's page, you'd surely understand how my heart was not beating faster than normal!!! What a sight I must have been! *sheepish grin* What was in THOSE photos????? ROFL!

I finally get to the photos and here is what I found: (I am using this for my photo for Day 18 of my 2009 Project 365!!! Now I only have eight photos to post in my slideshow to be caught up!!! LOL! Oh, plus layouts! He, he ...)

I tell you, we have been ABUNDANTLY blessed with babies over the past two years and it surely does not seem to be slowing down much at all! Little Claire Marie was just born on the 7th to Robert's number two son and his wife and Travis and Joan's baby should arrive sometime in September. The due date will be determined after her FIRST official visit to the OB. She ended up going to the doctor's office (an allergist) where here sister works to get a blood test done to verify the accuracy of the home pregnancy test as she just could not get into the OB's office SOON enough! I have been told by medical staff that the home pregnancy tests are actually MORE accurate than the blood tests! LOL! Interesting bit of info right there!

Am I rambling on tonight, or what? I'm sorry, but I just HAD to share!!! Oh, HAPPY day! I am rejoicing still!!! A MOST incredible day all the way around! New hope for our new generation!

How many of you remember me posting the daily download that was designed by Monna Lainson last month??? It was, *Happy Holidays*, remember? COOL! Why you ask? WELLLLLLL, Ms. Monna has set up her new store at Treasures To Scrap and has just uploaded a new kit for Valentine's Day called, *Sweet Thing* and SWEET it IS! Monna is offering it for only $2.50 at it's debut price and has a VERY lovely scraplet for y'all as a SPECIAL gift on her blog. I just LOVE the way Monna puts a layout together and this is TRULY a VERY sweet scraplet for ANY of our LOVING photographs and we ALL have TONS of those, right? I know I do! *wink*

I am attaching the link to Monna's blog to the preview and hope that you will stop by, pick it up and leave her some love and a BIG hello from me!!! Monna has a TOTAL of FOUR scraplets for us from *Sweet Thing* and she will post a new one each Sunday with the last being posted on February 8th! WOO HOO! Thank you Monna!!!

I shall be back later tonight OR, most likely in the morning with another goody to coordinate with *Love Me Tender*. Thank you, thank you SO much for your MOST generous and kind comments. It REALLY helps to educate me on what y'all REALLY like and keeps me SOOOO inspired to keep on creating for y'all!!! MWAH!

Have a WONDERFUL Wednesday everyone!!!

Linda :)

P.S. I meant to make mention while talking about not being able to check my regular e-mails efficiently at the moment, that I hope to have my e-mail coming in on my new computer by this weekend and then I shall start catching up with them! I apologize for neglecting to mention this earlier as I did notice several come in, but have not had a chance to wade through them while the restoration process is still ongoing. My older computer REALLY moves at a snail's pace at this time!!!


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