>> Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hi y'all!!!

A REALLY, REALLY quick note to let you know that the tech arrived around noon-ish PST, replaced the failed hard drive and I am working on getting things set up on the new computer again while continuing my Mozy restoration on my older system!

I have added a NEW category to my growing list of resources entitled, MUST-HAVE'S for your computer sanity!!! You will find a link to MOZY there and I will be adding another one of interest just as soon as I've purchased it and can explain to you better what it does!!! LOL! It will help to keep your data from being stored on any potentially failing sectors of your hard drive. It reallocates the data to a healthy block of sectors. This comes personally recommended by my ISP tech who can explain all of this stuff SO prolifically and at a level of a understanding for just about anyone! Thank you Todd!

I hope to be back later with my photo for Day 8 or 2009 Project 2009 and will try REALLY hard to come forth with something special for y'all for ALL of your support and the fact that I've now reached just a tad bit over 500,000 blog visits!!! MWAH! Y'all are SO special you know!

Okay, I'm out of here! Off to clean the kitchen so that I can come back to do a bit of PS PLAYIN'!!! YAHOOOOOOO!!! I need my fix as I've been having MAJOR withdrawals!!! ROTFLMBO! He, he ...

Linda :)

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