>> Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hi y'all! Hope to find everyone WELL-RESTED from the weekend and ready to pursue ALL that the week ahead holds for each of you!

I will be making several posts tonight so as not to confuse you OR myself! I am putting a little poll up on the top of my sidebar to get YOUR opinion on whether I should take the painstaking time to change my blog from it's current BLACK background over to a WHITE one! This will entail going back for over a year's worth of postings to change the black backing on my images to white! This will take a great deal of time!

I, personally, prefer the black as it REALLY makes images POP in the color department and overall clarity for my eyes anyhoo!

As you know, I shall be starting some EXCITING new endeavors in the next few weeks and will be working with an assortment of more subtle hues, so I was thinking, I wonder if I should, perhaps, go for a white background to accommodate more variety. My biggest struggle at the moment is using LOGOS from others that are geared towards blending into a WHITE blog background and I've not always had good luck replacing the white with black as they are usually pixelated or have shadows and most recently, jagged edges, which don't allow me to make a clean extraction.

SO, whatcha y'all think! Stay with the BLACK or change to WHITE? Is it easier on your eyes to read white on black or black on white??? Robert visited his first site last night and he rather enjoyed reading the white font on black!

HELP! I shall GREATLY value your opinion and that is why I have added a poll to see which way would be more readily accepted. After you VOTE (thank you!), please feel free to leave any comments on your preferences as I shall read them all!

I am also looking for a blog header change and am not sure what I want to do yet. I wish to stay with the same theme, but just update it. I have ideas in my head, but they shall have to stay there until I have my computer issues ALL sorted and am ALL geared up to create. I'm getting there!!! If y'all have any SUPER CHIC ideas running around and wish to share them, I'd be thrilled to hear them!!!

Thank you for ALL of you SWEET, SWEET comments and encouragement - y'all be ROCKIN' Scrapland ya know!!!


PLEASE VOTE!!! It will help me tremendously and I wish to accommodate y'all, my LOVELY readers, sisters, friends and downright digi-scrapping addicts!!! *WINK*

Linda :)

P.S. Be back in a bit to post my 2009 Project 365 photo for Day 10! And after that, a GOODY for y'all!!! WOO HOO! Can you believe it??? *big smile*

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