2009 Project 365 - Day 4

>> Sunday, January 4, 2009

I thought I'd better go ahead and post my photo for today, lest I forget in all of the other projects I am currently working on! LOL!

Today's photo was actually taken last night, however, since my son, Luke no longer lives at home and I am lucky to see his SWEET face once every week or two, I am using a photo I took of him late last night! Come to think of it, it was right about midnight so I'm okay I think!

There is a story behind this photo and I shall post it beneath the my photo for Day 4 of 2009 Project 365. I will also be working on my layout before this day ends! *googly eyes*

Thank you for all of the LOVELY comments on *Holiday Sparkle, #7*! WOW! You know Nancy, I, too, LOVE for Christmas to linger and since my decorating was not complete until Christmas Eve, they are staying up throughout the COLD and RAINY month of January! Just LOVE the soft, warm and HOMEY ambiance created with all of those white lights strung through pine garland!!! Have you EVER noticed how white lights have become acceptable throughout the year in the business place??? Your local restaurants perhaps? So, now I don't feel SO out of place by keeping mine lit throughout the month of January!!! ROFL! He, he ...

In raising you and your five siblings, one of
my only really steadfast rules was NO piercings
or tattoos until you reach age 18, bona fide adults
and responsible for yourselves. LOL! While I did
allow your Grandma Walton to take the girls to get their
ears pierced for their 10th birthday, I was not so
inclined to allow piercings or body art for you boys,
ONLY because it is such a faddish-type thing and if
you decided you no longer wished a piercing or tattoo,
it is not so easily undone!

Having read several articles where such a high percentage
of people regretted being tattooed, I truly felt I had done
the right thing in not allowing you to until you were legally
responsible for self. I have to laugh in retrospect to the day
you came in to me to show me your self-piercing of your
left ear while asking me if I had an earring you could put in
it!!! I made you take the earring you had found out and let
the hole close up. Do I have any regrets? No! As you came
to visit late last night and to PROUDLY show me your newly
pierced ear, I have respected your decision because you are
a VERY responsible young man and you take care of the
things that matter most in life and I know that you have
given your decision careful consideration. Besides all of
that, I think it looks rather charming on YOU!

I LOVE you son!

I hope to be back later tonight with the final part of *Holiday Sparkle*! Although, I just might get lost in my scrapping of this week's first FOUR photos of 2009!!! LOL!


Linda *hearts*

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