>> Thursday, January 15, 2009

Y'all must think me nuts by now! That's okay, I think I AM!!! All of this restore, retrieve and back up is TIME consuming and has thrown a bit of a wrench in my conclusion to *Love Me Tender* for which I GREATLY apologize!

It turns out that several items I needed were still on Mozy's backup and I had such a HUGE file (we're talking nearly 50 GB's) in the process of being restored that was taking DAYS!!! Anyhoo, it finished yesterday and then kicked into backup mode and I did not wish to disturb it, so upon awakening this morning, I was able to select the needed files to be restored and then moved them over to the new computer!

This ALL seems like SO much work now, but in the end, it'll ALL be REAL good!!! I'll have my important files on TWO EHD's, plus MOZY and then I can start burning some DVD's from the new computer! YAY!!!

My EHD arrived this morning and my external enclosure yesterday, so once I am finished getting the files together for your GOODY, I shall begin the process of attempting to retrieve the files from the "failed" hard drive! I'm a bit nervous, but then I think that is only due to thinking about getting this kit to y'all ASAP!!! ROFL! Oh, and I actually SLEPT last night!!! I made it to bed by 3:00 am!!! I'm getting a little earlier each day and might actually get myself back onto a decent schedule rather soon!!! WOO HOO!

Okies, just had to touch bases with you so you didn't think I'd forgotten or that, perhaps, I'd relapsed back into the flu with the CRAZY hours I've been keeping lately!!! Other than feeling a bit fatigued, I am feeling fine!!!

Thank you checking up on me and for leaving me some love - y'all are just TOO sweet ya know!


Linda :)

P.S. SHARON, YES, I lost ALL of *Holiday Sparkle* on the failed HD, so here's positive thoughts that I will be able to retrieve all 200+ GB's!!!

I've also had several requests for my *Acrylic Frames* with a variety of different colors and motifs and will be working on some of those ASAP! I am SO thrilled that y'all have enjoyed them so much and someone even suggested I add custom made ones to go with each of my kits!!! LOL! I might just toss some in here and there! THANK YOU for ALL of your WONDERFUL comments and requests and suggestions!

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