>> Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Just a quick post before I'm off to bed at 4:30 in the AM!

I've been working both computers for the past eight hours or so on and off, but MOSTLY on!!! I've been restoring files to the EHD via my older computer and was running a thorough test on the hard drive that was declared a failure by the Dell tech I spoke with on the phone Monday morning.

The "final answer" IS: the hard drive IS bad! I have collected LOTS of data and I'd say that I have approximately 12 blocks of unreadable data on said hard drive. I'm just a hopin' and a prayin' that my data is safe so I can at least salvage the NEW stuff I'd collected plus our Christmas photos!

Okay, on to the "is hard drive failure contagious"? ROFL! This is FUNNY and it is NOT! Mama, I hope I am able to Skype with you before you read this.

My mom is now settled in Southern California and living with my baby sister (okay, she is in her forties, but still the baby!) and is finally back on the Internet!!! My goodness, she has just about rounded up our ENTIRE enormous family via Facebook and has started writing a new book! My mother is 81-years-young and has been gifted with the ability to write VERY prolifically as did her father (my grandfather!) and my baby sister, who is a published author three-times over!

If you travel to the lower portion of my blog and view the guestbook, you will see my mom in the FIRST layout I ever created in Photoshop 7! I logged onto my blog several days ago and the first thing I saw, when the guestbook was still up top, was my layout of my mom. I was thinking, WHERE did THAT come from!!! Little did I know just HOW talented my mom is on the computer! She knew JUST how to upload her copy of the layout!!! Anyhoo, it is the layout done in LOVELY jewel tones (a kit by Lianne Carper) and bears the journaling, "There is no jewel more beautiful or precious than a loving mother".

Anyhoo, my mama has been wishing to obtain her files from her personal computer, which still resides in our household, from a novel she has put 14 chapters into thus far. She left our home a year and a half ago and has not been able to work on it since due to various obstacles, one being a mini-stroke and then not decided upon where she wished to live. I am happy that she is finally settled for at least the next year and can work on finishing her novel. Well .... this is difficult. I went into the room she occupied while living with us and turned on her computer. First of all, everything had been unplugged from the wall so I plugged the computer back into the serge strip, plugged in the mouse and the keyboard. By the way, this is ALSO a Dell computer and it is five years old exactly! So, I turn the computer on and what to my already TIRED eyes should appear, yet another error message and another failed hard drive it did appear!

How can this be? EEEKS! While I do have about 11 chapters of Mama's book on my older computer, she made quite a few changes and added another three chapters and I just know HOW disheartened she WILL be to even think that it would be lost and gone forever. I ran the same diagnostic test on her hard drive and received the SAME error code - 0F00:0244. I NOW know that this means a hard drive has failed, is dying, no longer able to function. :(

The GOOD news is that I will have a little experience in either encasing a hard drive to make it work as an external or slaving a drive to retrieve data (I've not decided which yet!) and then I can try the same on my mom's if she wishes me to.

Okay, this girl is going to beddy-bye, sleeping for a few hours and HOPING that she hears from the tech in the morning for the hard drive replacement!!!

I shall be back LATER today with a GOODY for y'all!!!

Thank you again for ALL of the FABULOUS help, well-wishes, prayers, shares and HAPPY dancin'!!! WOO HOO!


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