>> Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hi y'all!!! OMGoodness! You ever been in such HIGH gear that you speak backwards, type backwards and nearly seem to be walking backwards? ROFL! Well, that be ME this week! HA! My mind gets to going SO fast and in SO many directions that I can easily jumble my words, start walking in one direction and then abruptly do an about face! LOL! I kid you not! Uh, uh ..... let me see .... oh, no, WAIT, I forgot, I need to take care of this first!

My focusing has gotten to be such a big thing for me and to give you an example of HOW serious it has gotten the past year, I NOW set the stove timer so that if I put on a pot of water to boil, I don't hear the smoke detector instead!!! This girl has NEVER in her lifetime burned water up until this past year! LOL! I remember telling Robert, "you know babe, I'm beginning to get a little concerned about myself!" *smile*

All kidding aside, I don't think I've ever been in a position to allow myself to be pulled in SO many different directions at one time (oooops, one moment, the stove timer is beeping at me, he, he ...) and when working on a project of ANY kind, I get SO locked into what I'm doing that I seem to lose track of everything else!

Okay, that is my confession for the day!!! Anybody else share my plight??? If so, anything special you do to help keep yourself grounded? I'm ALL ears! I do make myself a list, but I'm referring more to the spontaneous events of our day.

I've started a new little series in the *Clearly Stated* series of Acrylic Frames - YOU, ME and US! These go along nicely with LOVE I think and you can mix and match them or just use one as the "focal" point of your layout!

Today's goody is for "US"! ENJOY and I'll be back tomorrow with "ME and then on Friday with "YOU"!

Hope everyone is having a GOOD week thus far and Vicki love, I am SOOOOO happy that you are getting to see some California sunshine during your stay!!! I am also VERY excited about your meeting with Sarah Cabana of I Am Simply Sarah tomorrow!!! I can't wait to see photos!!! WOO HOO!!! Oh, if you are need of some scrapping inspiration, check out Sarah's blog! She is am AMAZING layout artist and the designers that she is currently CT-ing for are VERY blessed to have her on their team!

Catch ya on the flip-side ....

Linda :)

Robert's two youngest sons, Wyatt (9) and Garret (7), while visiting us for the weekend
right before Thanksgiving. They are such SWEET and WELL-BEHAVED young gentle-
men and are a REAL pleasure to have! I'm already looking forward to Spring break! :)

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