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Hi y'all!

I am SO tickled that you that liked my audio message and I DO hope to create many more as one of the methods of keeping you informed on things that I find important out and about SCRAPLAND, as well as news here at Bon Scrapatit Designs! I, personally, am highly auditory along with being VERY visual and finding a way to bring audio aboard without having to pay someone else to do it or a monthly fee somewhere was just the ticket for me to do it!!! Glad you like and I'm already looking forward to the next one! For those who are reading and have not read my first post of 2009, go back one post and I have left you an audio greeting for the new year!

Sharon - try listening again darlin'! It was brought to my attention that my music was playing despite the fact that I had disabled "autoplay" and moved it to the bottom of my blog. I have removed it for the next few days. Sorry sweetie! Thank you Michele!!!

Audio content also reminds me of the fact that I wish to work on tutorials for y'all this year and just as soon as I am settled in my new ventures, I shall start working on them and I've pretty much decided to go with an audio/visual style which is a little more multi-sensory to cover just about everyone's needs. I may also do written tutorials from time-to-time in PDF format, using screen shots, however, recording is MUCH easier than snapping all of those screen shots and getting them placed into a document along with written instruction, so I will be fine-tuning my method and see what works best for what!

I am starting a list and will include putting "your voice on your blog" and wish to fine-tune that as well before doing so. The first tutorial I am going to do is "how to use styles" in Photoshop and/or Photoshop Elements. This one I may do in PDF format!

I am sure that MOST all of you have either heard or read all the HUBBUB going on about PROJECT 365 being initiated in the scrapbooking world by Creating Keepsakes and spreading like WILDFIRE throughout the digital scrapbooking world as well. No matter, ANYONE in SCRAPLAND can benefit from this simple technique of taking AT LEAST one photo per day and the scrapping it however you choose. I would figure weekly would be the BEST method, but everyone's time and needs are different.

I found out about this via IKEAGODDESS, so I am sending you to her blog where she has posted multiple links to get us going. Angie has already posted a template for us to use to scrap with and I have subscribed to Meredith's blog where you will be able to collect templates daily and if she misses a day or two, she will make up for it with her next post. She is on my blog roll on my sidebar and the name of her blog is "Moriginals". I've also joined the "Project 365" group on Facebook but not sure that I'll be able to keep up with that one too, although I shall give it a go! Either way, this is a FABULOUS way to scrap things that have meaning to us and to have such a HUGE support system is MAGNIFICENT and SO encouraging!!!

If I place a SPECIAL blog roll on my blog for ANY of you interested in joining in on the project along with those who have already started, would you think it a GREAT way for us to blog hop around to each other's blogs to have a look and leave a comment??? Let me know and if I get a BIG enough response I will put one into place right away and you can e-mail me your blog URL.

Some are starting NEW blogs just for the project, but most I've seen thus far are using their already established blogs. I am going to post mine here at BSD, starting right now!

Robert and the boys had laid down on our
bed at about 10:30 pm to nap a bit before
the BIG BANG at midnight. I woke Robert,
but we could not get either one of the boys
to get up, so I decided it would be best to
let them sleep and celebrate in the morning!
After breakfast, I gave them the tin that
contained the punches of paper they worked
hard on the day before. SO, SO sweet!


Have a BEAUTIFUL day and take your camera with you wherever you go!!!

Linda *hearts*

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