>> Saturday, January 10, 2009

ROFL! OMGosh ya'll, I think I would be SERIOUSLY lost without y'all!!! And I think I have Photoshop withdrawals, SHEESH, that is NOTHING compared to socializing with y'all in SCRAPLAND! LOL! I'm SERIOUS!

I have SO missed designing, posting to my blog and reading your LOVELY and HEARTWARMING comments!

I have LITERALLY spent the past two days SOLID restoring and downloading files! PHEW! That is a HUGE task in and of itself! Today, I've worked on re-installing software to include Photoshop!!! That is why I've not been able to design. My older computer is simply TOO slow and it takes forever to do a little of nothing so I thought it best to just wait it out until I was to the place of re-loading software.

I shant bore you with all of the tedious details, but would VERY much like to catch you and myself up on my photos for 2009 Project 365! While I was a bit disappointed that I neglected to capture a photo of the GUYS watching the playoff games today, (tsk, tsk ... he, he ... I shall wait for SUPER BOWL!) it only gives way to the fact that today's meaningful moment for me was looking at two screens that once again give the notion that someone has a SMOOTH running system going on - ROFL! HA! WOO HOO!

I am still weak and not near 100% - this bug is lingering and I am just obstinate enough to ignore it and carry on as usual! Well .... that is until I finally got to the point of being breathless and too weak to even walk about today, especially after my EHD gave me the RED LIGHT!!! Will I EVER learn? LOL! Hmmmm ... doubtful as I am just one who has to be doing something, especially when there is a NEED! LOL!

I suppose that is a added benefit and another reason why I LOVE being creative, it is the ONLY way that you can get me to sit still for any length of time!!! LOLOLOLOLOL! OMGosh, that's a nugget right there!

How are y'all??? What have I missed??? I am trusting y'all to fill me in now, hear! I'm missing my blog hopping and to those of you who I often visit, PLEASE don't forsake me!!! I'll be there .... I'll be there .... LOL! YUP, I am LOOPY Linda! I was up until 7:00 am this morning trying to "get 'er done"!!! I am SO determined, man alive, MORE than I ever imagined! It is AMAZING how much we learn about ourselves with EACH obstacle set before us ...

Below are my photos for Days 8, 9 and 10. I've temporarily lost my photos for Days 1 - 4, so I cannot scrap my first week yet!!! I am feeling positive about retrieving the info I treasure from the failed hard drive! YES!

Last night I ordered a new EHD for the new computer and an external casing for the "failed" hard drive to work on retrieving what Mozy did NOT have! I can say ONE thing for sure, I am learning A LOT via this obstacle and actually would not trade it away for anything. I get more and more techy with each technical issue that arises. If not for ALL of this, I would NOT have known how to test my mother's computer to see if her hard drive was functioning properly. Now, I will be able to encase her hard drive as well and I hope and pray that I am able to retrieve her data for her. Boy, will that EVER be a GOOD feeling!!! *big sigh*

Hope to find y'all having a MOST wonderful weekend and I will be transferring some files over here to the new kid on the block (my new computer) in hopes that I can get my fix and have a little something special for y'all to post ASAP!

Much love,
Linda :)

DAY 8 - Matt and Luke came over to hang out with me
while the tech was here installing the new hard drive! He
was a VERY nice man, even shook my hand and he gave
me hope in retrieving my precious 200 GB's of files!!!
Matt opened his present from his sissy, Joan. Joan and
Travis gifted each of us with framed photos of ourselves
taken by her wedding photographer, Becka! SWEET!

Day 9 - I LOVE my fruit and when my fruit basket is FULL,
I am a VERY happy camper! An empty fruit basket is a
TRULY sad thing indeed and that does happen occasionally!

Both screens are alive and ALL lights are LIT up
in their SMOOTH operating colors!!! LOL! WOO HOO!
BTW - the desktop photo on my older computer is of
Robert's son, Josh, daddy to the NEWLY born Claire
Marie! This is a photo taken of him while in Fallujah, Iraq
the latter portion of 2005. I've never replaced it as it is a
reminder to me each and every day of the brave men and
women who are selflessly serving our country.

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